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Black Bird 7 (2009)

Black Bird 7 (2009)

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About book Black Bird 7 (2009)

A stranger now living at Misao's house tries to interfere with Misao and Kyo's relationship, which endangers Misao's life when demons attack the unprotected Senka Maiden. I liked the introduction of a character who is human, can interact with the demonic world and yet has a the exact opposite view of demons and their world. However, if he doesn't grow and remains a fanatic he has the potential to become very irritating. The two little short stories after the main feature were really cute, giving more background information on 2 of the Eight Daitengu. Can't wait for the next volume! I continue to enjoy this "guilty pleasure" shoujo series. There was actually some nice story progression in this volume. Misao and Kyo have some sweet "domestic" moments, still struggling with the passion they are unable to consummate. And the introduction of a new character - a demon hunter named Raikoh Watanabe - could prove interesting for the continued story in volume 8. Watanabe gives Misao a possible alternative to living a "demon free" life, which could make her question how much of her love for Kyo is based on the fact that at present she literally NEEDS him to live safe from demon attacks.

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this book was one of the best ones yet and you got to meat kyos brother named sho.

Wy does it have too be soo good

This was very shocking volume.

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