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Black Bird 6 (2008)

Black Bird 6 (2008)

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About book Black Bird 6 (2008)

What a suspenseful volume full of action and sacrifice. This series is continuing to impress me with the high level of emotion and tenseness. In this installment we see the the culmination of Kyo and Sojo's conflict, and unfortunately Misao is at the center of it. But even when she is making a dumb decision she manages to do it smartly, thank god. It was also extremely Sojo heavy this installment, which was great, but almost none of the secondary characters got any face time. Totally sad, cause I love those little triplets and look forward to them all the time! What I liked about this book is the part when Meiso goes in to the store house and then is in danger. She goes in the store because she thinks Keo is going to save her but she was wrong. The enemy captures her and then makes a landslide so Keo can't save her. She knew that she was going to be in danger so she put venom in her mouth that repells deamons. So when the enemy kissed her the gave the venom to him and then he was paralysed he could not move. Moments later the house was about to fall and burry them alive. Then the house collapsed Keo ran to look for Meiso. When he found her she wanted to get up and walk by herself because she has the venom and Keo is a angle and if the venom touches Keo then Keo will be paralysed or even die.

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Hmm... I don't think we've seen the last of Sho. Well, we might have if volume 8 is the last volume.

One of my most favorite anime's now!

sounds exciting


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