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Black Bird 1 (2009)

Black Bird 1 (2009)

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About book Black Bird 1 (2009)

Still a better love story than Twilight? Our protagonist has some sort of ability to see demons, and as such becomes hunted by them starting on her 16th birthday (eg, puberty). Now she relies on an old demon friend, whom wants to claim her, to protect her. He heals wounds caused by other demons by licking her wounds. Other demons fight to claim her, both physically and psychologically. Could be okay? Worth trying a second volume. Oh, here we go. I thought I'm going to like this but, I got disappointed. This is the type of the typical shoujo manga. So typical that I could tell you what's going to happen.The plot had the tendency to make good manga but everything is so typically gathered that it made the whole just... not exciting.First, and the most thing I hated is the main female character. She's so annoying that it downgraded a lot of the manga. She's so weak and a cry baby. Yup, she cries in every damn chapter even for silliest reason.Second, the main male character. Even the main male character is annoying. He's totally an imaginary guy that resembles just a fantasy of a girl.Third, how the relationship between the two main characters developed. I would've appreciate it if their relationship didn't start that fast. I mean, if they gave us time, much time to get to know them first and see much of actions between them so we can get convinced by their love and not just flash backs of their encounters in their child hood. Fourth and lastly. I would also appreciate it if the story just focus on the development rather than focusing on a sudden passionate kiss scene for no apparent reason between them.

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one of my favorite anime i have ever read!!! i cant wait to read the others

Kinda average, but I liked it. I will finish the series of course.

Interesting concept. It made me curious about Japanese religions.

good shoujo manga

Amazing book

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