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Black Bird #07 [Spanish Edition] (2009)

Black Bird #07 [Spanish Edition] (2009)

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About book Black Bird #07 [Spanish Edition] (2009)

This volume is a bit out of balance. The first part reads almost like an old Marvel romance, with almost no fantasy content, while the second part is a tale of bigotry against the supernatural. I was disappointed that the subplot about the dragon prince's sister from the previous volume turned out to be a joke with no real ramifications. Of the two backups, the one with Chiharu and Sumire, "Angels,"was quite beautiful,and seemingly only tangentially related to the main story. The other one,"Ice'," deals with too important a plot point to be treated like an appendix. These off-putting elements don't, however, dissuade me from moving to the next volume. I guess Sakurakoji is giving us a rest after the massive prison collapse in volume 6. This is one of my favourite supernatural shōjo mangas! Misao sees somethings that other people can't, and if they could, they would be scared to death! Normally, the monsters would do small harmless things, such as pull her hair or jump on her bac. But on her sixteenth birthday, the creatures take it farther by trying to kill her, as her blood gave improve their lives.However, luckily she's saved by a lost childhood friend who has returned. His name is Kyo Usui, but he has a dark secret too. He is in fact a monster too.

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Misao becomes slightly less annoying/slightly more independent and badass. Thank the Lord!

These books are just a bit of a guilty pleasure

Makes me want to keep buying the series!!

sooo good......

Hmmmm.... 3.5?

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