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Black Bird 07 (2010)

Black Bird 07 (2010)

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3770473205 (ISBN13: 9783770473205)
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We all know Kyo and Misao's relationship is deadly, with Misao constantly being injured and Kyo being targeted, but what will Misao do when the tables are turned and it's Kyo in perilous danger this time?The morning after Kyo spends the night at Misao's house, when her father and mother come home they bring a guest. An exorcist (he is a simple friend in their eyes however)!He can see right through Kyo as if he were transparent. And as if harassment wasn't bad enough he threatens to Misao that if she doesn't break her relationship off with Kyo he will exorcise and destroy Kyo, and being as Kyo would never hurt a human he would be unable to fight back. What ever will Misao do to protect her sweetheart?! The Black Bird series has held my attention since I first started reading the volumes last year. It's a great (mature at times) manga, that has the reader wondering if Kyo and Misao will ever get together, because of the Senka Maiden issue. Or if they'll find the rest of the text needed to learn the truth if they ever ... (innuendo). I really don't want to spoil anything for anyone reading this review, so I'm going to keep it short. I love this series, and in May I'm going to go out and get the next volume (Number 8) because Black Bird is a great investment in a Manga series in my strict opinion.

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Argh, the way this couple tortures each other is absolutely maddening!

It was really good, but not the best in my opinion.

it was ok

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