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Black Bird #06 [Spanish Edition] (2009)

Black Bird #06 [Spanish Edition] (2009)

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About book Black Bird #06 [Spanish Edition] (2009)

My least favourite volume in the series thus far. Though the flashbacks were insightful, it was a bit difficult to differentiate between flashback and modern time. At the same time, they provided some background to the state of Kyo and Sho's sibling rivalry.I'm so glad Misao grew a bit of a backbone in this volume. Even if she did get a bit set up by Koh and Sho. It's about time that she learned to defend herself... If you want to call it defending herself. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Sho, too. There's no way he's gone for good.I'm interested to see what happens with this Kengamine prince, as well. This is one of my favourite supernatural shōjo mangas! Misao sees somethings that other people can't, and if they could, they would be scared to death! Normally, the monsters would do small harmless things, such as pull her hair or jump on her bac. But on her sixteenth birthday, the creatures take it farther by trying to kill her, as her blood gave improve their lives.However, luckily she's saved by a lost childhood friend who has returned. His name is Kyo Usui, but he has a dark secret too. He is in fact a monster too.

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Hey! Misao was actually prepared and was kinda cool for once.

i love this series i so cant wait to buy the next volume

it's the same as every other volume

the series keep me up at night


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