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Black Bird 01 (2008)

Black Bird 01 (2008)

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I love manga and I am pretty open minded when it comes to trying new series, but this one in particular is just awful. I was annoyed by the main male character (I forget his name, whoops) and the main female character just gives off a very weak vibe, almost as if she relies on her male counterpart for everything. The anti-feminist feeling mixed with unnecessary fighting and weird plot is what's driving me to give a terrible review. I tried, I honestly did, but I could not get past volume 3. This manga was recommended to me by a girl at Waterstones who seemed just as manga crazy as I know I can be sometimes! She was right to do so! I actually quite like this manga and it seems to be off to an ok start. Wow Kyou is a very controlling character! I kind of like him and don't really like him at the same time!I'm Gonna hop over to volume two! (I wish I could say to that girl from Waterstones thankyou for recommending it to me! If you're reading this though, thankyou! x)

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Great art, entertaining story. Already reread the first two twice within two weeks.

um... it is pretty mature*cough* but i love the story :)

first time reading anime and I loved it

This manga was simply not my "thing."

Such a cool and romantic love story.

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