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Birthmarked (2010)

Birthmarked (2010)

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1596435690 (ISBN13: 9781596435698)
Roaring Brook Press

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The Genre for young adult readers seems to be dystopian after some kind of apocalypse. I want to yell "look around you!" but that is for another discussion.This young protagonist, 16 year old mid-wife, takes it upon herself to find out why her parents have been taken "inside" the wall. She gives up her freedom for these answers. What she finds on the inside is not very surprising but the outcome of that knowledge kicks off this series of books.The audio reader doesn't perform voices for the characters but simply reads the book aloud. Which is an OK style and seems to fit the bleakness of the book.Going to go on and read part 2. Why is it impossible to find a downloadable audio book version of the second book in this series?!Digital downloads from my library are the only thing that help me get through my I WANT TO READ IT NOW moments, and they totally failed me on this one. This is SO good. I know dystopian fiction is all over the place, but there were some really nice touches in this book that make it unique. The characters are good, and BOTH sides of the wall have perspectives that can engender empathy, if you are honest with yourself and think.THAT is one of the things I think this book did so well, in addition to making me care about the characters. Ugh! Too much to talk about. Loved it.Yes, I did have some problems with a few things, like, WHY was the code SO important? The connection between that and the potential for an uprising wasn't quite fleshed out, but I think there is room for that in the future books. We shall see.

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