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Promised (2012)

Promised (2012)

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1596435712 (ISBN13: 9781596435711)
Roaring Brook Press

About book Promised (2012)

completely and entirely AWESOME!!! Leon and Gaia are the most smartest couple alive! though they get scared they love each other very much and will hurt anyone in their way for their love. so romantic and idiotic sometimes that i felt like hurling the book into a corner. a great ending to the series. but i just wish their was another to show their wedding and the life of everyone. with an orange- Saki3plus orange is the most romantic fruit in the world!! This was just disappointing on so many levels. The whole premise for the story didn't make sense. Why in the world would they go back to the very place they fled from in Book 1? If O'Brien made the reasoning something along the lines of how Gaia felt obligated to free the people she grew up with from the tyranny of their current government, that would have been ten times more believable. But you mean to tell me that there was NO other place that they could settle their little colony of people from New Sylum than in front of the Enclave??? Gaia is painfully weak and makes stupid decisions at every turn. I felt obligated to finish this book, but it was not a page turner.

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Great series. Lots of turns I didn't wish for but great book

al final esta trilogía ha terminado gustandome, genial!!

Gostei! Foi um bom final para a trilogia.

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