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Before Jamaica Lane (2014)

Before Jamaica Lane (2014)

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Oh haven't we all been an 'Olivia' at some point in our twentysomething lives... the girl that tries so hard to be the cool dorky friend but wants to be seen as more? The girl who is insecure and just wants to be called beautiful, the single girl who sits with all her coupled friends and wonders when the hell it's going to be their turn?... I think that's why this instalment of the ODS series was my favourite yet. Olivia was so relatable, and Nate, Oh Nate, made me swoon...BUT there's just one teensy complaint that I'm going to portray with a 'would you rather' question...So, would you rather the ending that Samantha Young gave us where everything just seemed to be so hunky dory perfect with Olivia replacing Alana and having Nate's baby living happily ever after or would you rather had Samantha kept some of their imperfect traits and left them the odd couple, perhaps not getting engaged like the rest of the gang, and travelling the world, making movies of their own ;) to review and keeping their quirky geekyness, not needing to showcase their over the top love like Adam/Ellie, Joss/Brayden and Jo and Cam ??Just some food for thought :) I liked some of the aspects of the relationship, specially the friendship between Nate and Liv but some of the quirks Liv had even if some were really great some just didn't click for me, they felt a little forces, but overall I liked the book, it was a pretty entertaining and fun read.I really love this whole world Young has created, I love the characters and how everything fits together even if some descriptions, specially physical and sexual ones get a little repetitive at times.To me there are two columns of porn books after the trend FSOG generated, the ones that have good things/characters/relationships in them BESIDES the sex scenes and the ones that don't, that are porn just for the sake of porn and not an even that has significance in a relationship that should be the real main focus of the story.I do believe the sex thing is not really Young's thing, I think someone told her that it was a better way to sell her books and she went with it because I don't find real pleasure in the description of the sex scenes, it's like she's following a check-list of words and events and begins ticking them off, so they get boring pretty soon since most of them could be totally interchangeable. Other than that it was a pretty great read.

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