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Assassinatos Na Rua Morgue (1901)

Assassinatos Na Rua Morgue (1901)

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About book Assassinatos Na Rua Morgue (1901)

O livro incluía ainda “O Mistério de Marie Rogêt”, ambos protagonizados pelo célebre detective “caseiro” Dupin (que veio a influenciar a criação posterior de outros mais conhecidos: Sherlock Holmes e Hercule Poirot, por exemplo). Por um lado gostei das reflexões metafísicas que acompanhavam a análise detalhada de cada pormenor relacionado com os crimes, por outro lado acho que o escritor exagerou na estupidificação de todas as personagens com excepção do Dupin, para sobrevalorizar esta, quando na verdade as suas observações nem eram assim tão brilhantes. ***i have a different version to the one shown here, I couldn't find the one I have, so it may contain different stories***Some of the stories contained in this collection cohere around the themes of mystery and reason, the uncovering of one by the application of the other. In the story of the title and the other tales of Poe's detective Dupin, the apparently praeturnatural mystery is unravelled by a deductive logic, which until its inner workings are revealed takes on that same semblance of the praeturnatural as the mystery it unravels, and which suggests that one of Poe's preoccupations was not simply a modernist treatise; the victory of reason over more primitive systems of thought, but rather a more interesting question of the appearance of a thing being a product of the means employed to look at it. Then to the other side of reason and the stories that tell of the world quite outside of it; spirits and souls, the irrational, the unconscious. These are not mysteries for reason to unravel, but aesthetic tales of a torment that it will always be beyond reason to describe or understand, and which it can only struggle to contain. In the consequent mingling of real and unreal, it is the idea of a rational deductive logic to conquer all mystery that appears ridiculous and unreal next to the morbid phantasy in front of you. Poe is quite unlike any other writer of this time that I know of, partly in his subjects, the macabre, strange, mysterious and perverse, partly in his eschewing of the overt social comment which defines so many works of classic literature, and partly in his means of description, his attention to the inner workings of his subjects, the minute mechanical detail with which he brings them to life, often to horrific effect.

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The first story I read written by my lovely Edgar and I just fell in love.

Not too bad, but hardly as brilliant as I expected from Poe.

Never imagined the case resolution... I was surprised

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