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Asi Melekler (2000)

Asi Melekler (2000)

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About book Asi Melekler (2000)

Seriously an amazing book. I know that there are biblical stories of scary angels -- but I have always thought we had beautiful guardian angels and family members became angels and watched over us. In this book - the scary angels exist and they want to take over the world, but the original fallen angels who are currently imprisoned beneath the earth, hoping for release after thousands of years and they are needed for the battle. The book primarily takes place in current day, with a flashback historical story in the middle. Interesting characters - even the scary angels! This is a wonderful book about angels and the scholarship by Danielle Trussoni. This is an amazing book about the fight between the humans and angels. I love all the documentation which went into this book. I have also read the book of Enoch. This book is fun to read and good to discover a whole society and shcool of angels. It talks about how angels mingled with humans and disasterous consequences. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. This is a very good perspecitve on angels. If you love angels, this is the book for you. Thank you very much for this book. It is the perfect read for a scholar and anyone that wonders about angels.

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So, so incredibly awful and overwrought. Fell asleep while reading it - in the middle of the day!

Adore this book. A new take on an old theme, gripping and different.

Espero que haya una segunda parte... ¡Necesito una segunda parte!

This is one of the best books I've ever read.

Fun read.

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