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Angelology (2010)

Angelology (2010)

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0670021474 (ISBN13: 9780670021475)
Viking Adult

About book Angelology (2010)

Wow, so many bad reviews on this one... I'd like to defend this book against the bad reviews. I actually liked it. Okay, not a Dan Brown, but it was an interesting story, introducing the history of fallen angels. I didn't find it boring at all, in fact, it was good to catch up with the story from different viewpoints, Celestine, Gabriella, Clematis, Evangeline... I especially liked the story of Celestine and Gabriella. Yes, the ending kept me hanging but it's because there's a sequel. It was a surprising twist in the end. I wonder how the story would continue. There were a few little errors though, which made me smile, like the "ANGEL" licence plate... and sometimes I wasn't sure I was following the time correctly, what happened and when. But all in all it was well-written, so I will be looking forward to read the sequel, even watch the movie if it gets launched. This is a great concept. It should be new vibrant, and exciting. Unfortunately, this was truly some of the worst writing I have ever encountered. The plot plodded along, hanging by names which were shallow and obvious: characters named Angela, Evangeline, and Serephina in a book about angels? You don't say. The "action" was stilted and forced. I couldn't finish it because it was so atrocious. The book was written in the style of the college freshman who so desperately wants to impress, but has none of the chops to do so. Avoid at all costs. I only hope I can save the time you would have wasted.

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I dislike the went slow to super slow until its a bit vague how it ended.

1.5 stars- started with promise, the middle was too cumbersome, & the end, well....

Liked it up until the ending, but will read the next one.

surprise ending. Thought i had it figure out.

At least the cover is beautiful.

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