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Angeology (2000)

Angeology (2000)

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7.5 is where I wold rank this in a scale of 10. The lore of Angels is intriguing, a touch of historical fiction makes it interesting, and the books ending has the feel of a poor boys Dan Brown book. I had some issues with the the protagonist... it seems like she never stayed in character but I could easily overlook that. Either way it was a fun read that pleasantly surprised me because it didn't quite end the way I envisioned. I never expected that this would read like a new Dan Brown novel, nor did I expect reading about angels to be so much fun. What a ride.The story starts with a wonderful premise, rather simple but actually quite complicated. I agree with other reviews that state the book's too simple for such a complicated topic, but I also think most of the things that cover the ground are discussed quite thoroughly. I do believe there are some edges to be smoothed, but overall the author manages to capture a believable setting and world through altered history.There are two things I don't like from the book: the excessive details (that can be both beneficial and detrimental to the book), and the main character. Details are lush and rich, I especially love the setting descriptions. It reads like poetry, and often I feel lulled to a sense of looking at beautiful paintings as I read. But they also get lengthy and detailed sometimes, even in dialogue, and it makes me want to skip to the action. Then the main character, Evangeline, is so bland I wish Celestine, Gabriella and Verlaine are the leads. I wish I could understand Evangeline's motivations better. I love it when the narration shifts to Celestine, who's a much, albeit more naive, interesting personality. And Gabriella is superb.That being said, I enjoy Angelology, would love to see the movie, and also read Angelopolis.

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Lettura piacevole ma meno appassionante di quello che mi sarei aspettata leggendo la descrizione...

I thought that this book was exceptionally good.

marvellous!!! one of my favorite!!!!

Super slow start. Not good writing.


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