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Após A Tempestade (2013)

Após a Tempestade (2013)

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About book Após A Tempestade (2013)

Been reading quite a few serious books of late. So decided to do some light reading. :-)A mystery cum romance, The Beach Tree is a very readable book. I really liked the way it weaves the story of hope and courage of ordinary people, who get hit by the fury of nature time and again and still pick up their lives from the ruins and rebuild. This is what sets this book apart from other books of this genre. Liked the descriptions of Biloxi and New Orleans and the destruction that occurred from hurricanes along with the reasons for rebuilding. Can not believe that Monica left her family for the reason given and that she never told more about her relationship to Julie. The times when the grandmother is telling about her past were the most interesting, especially about her feelings for the two very different brothers and was glad with who she married. A bit unbelievable at how obsessed Julie became with finding out about the past for both her lost sister and the mystery of Monica.

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Compelling story of a family shrouded in mystery, loss and secrets. Couldn't put this one down!

Good summer read.

Captivating read.


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