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Apokalypse Z (2007)

Apokalypse Z (2007)

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About book Apokalypse Z (2007)

I picked this up through the Kindle lending library to have as an emergency book, but once I started it I read it pretty much straight through.Yes, another zombie apocalypse, this time focusing on Spain, one man and his cat and a whole lot of "walking undead".I could tell that this was translated from another language, there were times when an adjective wasn't quite right, or a scene was just a bit off. Still, it was entertaining. Nice(ish) guy tries to make sure his family is okay, tries to help out his neighbors and others he comes in contact with, does everything in his power to keep his cat alive and blogs his way through the first confusing and unsettling weeks of the outbreak. Still, a couple of complaints. 1) He has solar electricity and a walled in compound, yet goes stir crazy after just a couple of days. Really? Dude, that's called a cushy staycation, no need to go traipsing around the zombies!2) No one ever calls them zombies. If it looks like a duck and eats the flesh of the living like a duck ... .3) Skeezy, skeezy observations about the luscious and ripe underage girl. Write her 18 and go for it, but 16? Skeezy.Still, I'll read the next book most likely, as long as the strange lawyer with the thick rubber wetsuit, cat on a string and fixation on adolescent boobs doesn't completely jump the shark. Los personajes son creibles, la explicación de la pandemia es creible, y bastantes cosas que le pasan al protagonista son creibles, todo lo cual en un libro de zombies es algo importante.Que este ambientado en Galicia le da un toque real, parecido al de los caminantes de Carlos sisi.Aunque el diario podría parecer una buena idea narrativa, al final se hace pesado e irreal, y definitivamente lo peor es el estilo y el vocabulario, las comparaciones y recursos literarios son de escritor amater, hasta yo escribiria asi... Se usan muchos sinonimos creo que para parecer mas culto, un buen ejemplo es el párrafo seleccionado al azar siguiente: "era un silencio total, absoluto, tétrico. no oía nada salvo el rumor de las aguas... La ciudad estaba silenciosa, oscura. Muerta" queda claro, no?

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El mejor libro de zombies que he leído.

Best Zombie book i have ever read.

Great book- really enjoyed it.

So great!

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