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Apocalisse Z (2007)

Apocalisse Z (2007)

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About book Apocalisse Z (2007)

This is your typical zombiefare. It's a path well trodden: guy stays at home and follows the news while all hell (read: the zombie apocalypse) breaks loose. Guy decides to write a blog about whatever is happening and ultimately ends up leaving his house in search of other survivors. Enter random but well known zombie-trope locations like an abandoned hospital and a deserted city and you know you have stumbled your way into "50 shades of zombies".. Although Loureiro has obviously planned out his version of the apocalypse carefully (with a greatly detailed global meltdown taking little more than over a month) the way the story is told (by means of boring blogposts and journal entries) takes away some of the edge and excitement. We obviously know he will survive whatever he runs into because he gets to write about it in his damn journal!. Un libro que entretiene, aunque en lo personal hay partes que se me hicieron innecesarias y hasta poco creíbles. Hay muy buenas escenas de acción y descripciones que ponen los pelos de punta, si bien tiene páginas en donde repite mucho ciertos comparativos (como “escena dantesca”)Un libro que sirve para pasar el rato, pero que no ha cubierto todas mis expectativas, tal vez porque me dejé llevar por las estupendas opiniones, o porque antes hube leído “Paciente cero”. No lo sé, pero invito al resto a que se formen su propio criterio, para gustos, libros ;-)

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Very realistic. I want to fortify my home, stock up on supplies and make sure the cat is ok.

This was my first zombie book. I enjoyed this book. A Zombie Apocalypse would be no joke.

Fin underholdning...

September 2013

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