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Apocalipsis Z. El Principio Del Fin (2007)

Apocalipsis Z. El principio del fin (2007)

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About book Apocalipsis Z. El Principio Del Fin (2007)

The writing was not very good. Certain phrases were overused, and it was full of tell don't show, but given that this is supposedly the journal of an apocalypse survivor, I guess that can be forgiven. Plus the original is in Spanish and I was listening to the English version.What bumps this from a two star to a three is the good narrator and the fact that the main character is just a likeable guy. In most zombie stories, people end up being so horrible that you end up rooting for the zombies. The viewpoint character is downright decent to everyone, but still manages to be practical. He won't stupidly risk his life for a stranger, but he will try to help if it isn't the idiotic thing to do. Also he saves his cat from zombies, which makes him awesome. Cats rule.I believe I'll be checking out the sequel. I Really, REALLY wanted to like this series. Honestly. Unfortunately, I was completely underwhelmed. The problem with the English version, is just that: it is a translation. With that comes lackluster writing, and a bored Alexis. I imagine the original work in Spanish is much more poetic and readable. Apocalypse Z does have some moments, but is otherwise a mediocre book as a translated piece. I am going to believe in my heart of hearts that the Spanish version is pretty good. Too bad.

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Never let your gas tank be less than half-filled, in case you need you car to get away from zombies.

I basically devoured this book. What an incredible read! Can't wait for the next!

Eentje voor de zombiefans...

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