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Angels In Leather (2000)

Angels in Leather (2000)

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What a great book! I absolutely loved the chases between Axel and Meadow, both sexual and non-sexual, were fascinating to read. How these two characters interacted with one another, how they needed each other but for some reason didn't figure it out right away, it took them a minute and yet they still fought it. My absolute favorite scene was when Meadow was inadvertently hiding in the bar that one of the MC members own when Axel walks in for a drink! The look described on his face when he finally recognizes her is just priceless! I can totally picture him jumping over that bar and starting chase all over again!It wasn't all giggles though, Axel is a very traumatized and broken man, he's damaged. Its sad to see such a fierce man so broken like that but doing everything he can to keep his club and Meadow safe. He needs her, whether he wants to admit it or not, he needs her and the horrible things he does to her to get the information he needs just breaks him even more...One thing I didn't like about this book was the ending, it felt rushed, one minute Axel has been taken, again, months pass and then boom...he's back and all the bad guys are either dead or locked up. We know this because Axel kind of glosses over it, but I would have liked to have read an actual rescue scene, that would have been better, outside of that, this book couldn't have been a better opening to what looks to be a great series! I'm confused - is Angels in Leather the name of the MC?Because that is so stupid. I don't think an MC would name themselves Angels in Leather. I'm totally laughing right now thinking about it.This book started out so good. The way he's been hunting her down for a year.But then some things just moved too fast, like their relationship and her feelings for him.And the ending. It kind of felt like things were left undone.And I'm pretty sure the author used a Martin Luther King Jr. quote on love and hate, but just reworded it.

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This book had me going from the start. It is great from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down.

I seriously need the next book. Love triangle = drama. Yuuuuusssssssssss

It’s so brutal. So raw. So dirty.I love it.

4.5 starsEnding was pretty rushed

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