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Alpha Bad Boys: 7-in-1 Box Set (2000)

Alpha Bad Boys: 7-in-1 Box Set (2000)

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About book Alpha Bad Boys: 7-in-1 Box Set (2000)

This box set is an incredible value and I highly recommend it. For each book review, see my goodreads reviews!Favorite quotes and/or moments:"I don't think you're just some submissive to put in our bed. I admire the hell out of you, Hannah. You're feminine and giving and sweet, things I didn't grow up knowing a whole lot about. I learn from you every day. In fact, I think that I became a better man the minute I laid eyes on you."Country girls might not be polished, but the knew how to make do.She'd always thought that love would be easy-breezy and bring her nothing but joy. Nope. It was hard, like everything else in life. Maybe harder because it was so precious.She rose up on her arms and gazed down at him, nodding in understanding. "Okay. Day or night, I'll be here when you need me." This. This is why he loved her with every particle of his existence. What would he ever do without her? He wished he'd told her the instant his father had darkened his doorstep. He didn't have to go through this alone. He had Madison. Madison who understood him. Madison who helped him find his way. He'd never had anyone to depend on before. It was both terrifying and a huge relief to realize that she was there for him when he needed her. "I love you," he said. "How can I ever repay you for everything that you've done for me?""Do me a favor. Dare to dream. What you can imagine you can make real.""The best fantasies are real." A short pause. "We aren't living in a fantasy world anymore. We're creating one. Our own."Good friends. Family. Love. That's what life was about. Taking chances and being true to yourself.Except...she was done living close to the vest. Life was too short. Too uncertain to hold back. Especially when she was sure of her feelings...Love was never too soon. Too much. This was a great collection of stories because it offers a variety of styles. The set includes romance, erotic, BDSM, menage and a whole lot of action. It helps a reader get familiar with the authors and their style of writing. The only draw back was it was long. There are 7 full stories, not short stories. I felt like I had been reading that set forever and I had already read 2 of the stories. I loved all the stories and look forward to reading more from these authors.

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soo many books too little time. i'll come back to this one some day down the line hopefully.

Currently reading this box - my reviews are on the separate books.

great box set! love these books

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