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A Hundred Summers (2013)

A Hundred Summers (2013)

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039916216X (ISBN13: 9780399162169)
Putnam Adult

About book A Hundred Summers (2013)

A HUNDRED SUMMERSBeatriz WilliamsA HUNDRED SUMMERS is a wonderful beach read that will capture you with the fantastic descriptions of the ocean and the beach, and with the well written characters.A HUNDRED SUMMERS features a scandalous love triangle, a betrayal between friends, a marriage for money, and the real life devastating hurricane on Seaview, Rhode Island on Memorial Day, 1938.Lilly Dane returns to Seaview seeking comfort from her heartbreak in the familiar setting of her youth. Instead, she must confront crippling secrets that will change her life forever.A little melodramatic but isn’t that the idea of a good beach read? What a great book! I had to take a break from A Hundred Summers while I concentrated on Revival but I finished it in a day an a half. I couldn't put it down again. The cast of characters is superb and the story touches on every human emotion a person can experience. This is quite simply movie material if portrayed in the context of the book with nothing added and nothing taken away.The gist of this story is that of friendships, families and secrets in a time when secrets were guarded and when love meant something to people. A tale of singular, heartfelt love that those who find themselves in it will do whatever they can to keep it or get it back, and don't we all need something like that to believe in in this present day sense of self? For the time it took me to read 300+ pages, I believed.To all my friends that read, this is one that you have to put on you TBR list. Beatriz Williams has impressed me twice with this and The Secret Life of Violet Grant. She draws you in from the first chapter and doesn't relent until the very last beautiful page. I see that she has other stack just got higher.

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I liked this book, but did not love it. The writing was good, but was fairly predictable.

One of my favorites! Great summer or vacation read.

Loved it! Light and easy....

Absolutely loved this story.

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