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A Hard Day's Knight (2011)

A Hard Day's Knight (2011)

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0441019706 (ISBN13: 9780441019700)
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About book A Hard Day's Knight (2011)

If you're still visiting the Nightside you know what to expect. If not then this probably isn't the place to start, although it probably does stand alone without too much trouble, but you will miss out on the series (and other series) references.A decent four star read for people who like Simon R Green.I do, whilst at times the writing can feel a little by rote, there are always masses of ideas and the odd gem to keep you involved. This was painful reading. I've been struggling to read it for over two months, and these are short books. I just didn't care about King Arthur, the elves, the knights, all of it. I I skipped through huge bits by the end, just to try to get to the end, as there is normally some big reveal at the end. I probably should have just skipped to the last two pages once I realized this book wasn't going to work for me.Well, nearly done the series, so I might as well move on.

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Same formula, same cheesiness, but I cant help but like this series. I still recommend them.

Typical Green. Typical John Taylor/Nightside novel. Typically entertaining :P

One of the best Nightside books I've read so far.

The Ending caught me off guard.. SERIOUSLY Suzy!


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