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Tracie Peterson

Tracie Peterson
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Books by Tracie Peterson


Dawn's Prelude (2009)

I really enjoyed reading this!! Oh my goodness! This was the best book that I've read in a long time! I had been reading other books and it was like, "okay I read it,NEXT"! You know what I mean? The storyline of Dawn's Prelude really entranced me from the beginning and I knew I had to finish rea...

Dawn's Prelude (2009) by Tracie Peterson

Embers of Love (2010)

I don't usually read books like this. My friend recommended it to me and then bought me the book so I felt like I had to read it. The first 4 chapters were good, but then it got boring. Nothing unexpected happened. There were parts that were supposed to be surprising, but in no way did they surpr...

Embers of Love (2010) by Tracie Peterson

A Promise to Believe In (2008)

This is the first book in a new series by Tracie Peterson. I have read other books books by her and have enjoyed them very much. This book read so quickly and I was so sad when it ended, though they already tell you to expect the next book early in 2009. This novel is about three sisters Gwen, Be...

A Promise to Believe In (2008) by Tracie Peterson

Sana İhtiyacım Var (2000)

I enjoyed listening to the first part of the book, more than the last half. In the last half, the mean step son, goes to Alaska to find his step-mother. He hires two brother's to kill her, and kidnap the baby. It's in the middle of a terrible storm. Why would they risk the life of the baby, w...

Sana İhtiyacım Var (2000) by Tracie Peterson

A Love to Last Forever (2009)

This is 2nd book of The Brides of Gallatin County and it focuses on Beth. She is supposed to be the reader and the romantic one. She is also the brains behind all of the things that happened to poor Hank in the last book..LOL. She is finding it difficult to focus on her own life and issues becaus...

A Love to Last Forever (2009) by Tracie Peterson

Dream to Call My Own, A (2009)

Listened to A Dream to Call My Own (Brides of Gallatin County #3)by Tracie Peterson. Lacy Gallatin, the youngest of the Gallatin sisters, is a woman with a mission: to find her father's killer. Haunted by the belief that she's failed him, Lacy is also battling a desire to have something more than...

Dream to Call My Own, A (2009) by Tracie Peterson

A Dream to Call My Own (2009)

What a wonderful way to close out the series. I only wish that real life could be so happy. Although, I don't believe these characters "lived happily ever after". These stories moved along quite well, and I really grew to love them myself. I cried, laughed, and got excited right along side th...

A Dream to Call My Own (2009) by Tracie Peterson

A Surrendered Heart (2009)

Listened A Surrendered Heart (The Broadmoor Legacy #3)by Tracie Peterson. When cholera strikes Rochester, NY, most of the members of the Broadmoor family flee to their castle home in the Thousand Islands. But Amanda Broadmoor resolves to remain in Rochester to help control the spread of the dread...

A Surrendered Heart (2009) by Tracie Peterson

Morning's Refrain (2010)

I really wanted to like this more than I did, and I have no good reason why I didn't. Perhaps because as far as Christian romance goes, it was just so . . . flat. Even characters I was interested in from the first book couldn't hold my attention (partly because they get so little screen time). ...

Morning's Refrain (2010) by Tracie Peterson

The Icecutter's Daughter (2013)

A tomboy, yet wanting something more, Merrill Krause spends most of her time helping her father and her brother.Rurik Jorgenson leaves home and a broken engagement, to help with his uncle's furniture business.Rurik and Merrill meet and then have to rely on God to help them find His purpose for th...

The Icecutter's Daughter (2013) by Tracie Peterson

Twilight's Serenade (2010)

I received a review copy of Twilight's Serenade from Bethany House, and am under no requirement to write a positive review, just an honest one.Twilight's Serenade follow the story of Lydia Lindquist's daughter, Britta Lindquist.Britta took up violin and after having her heart broken by Yuri Belik...

Twilight's Serenade (2010) by Tracie Peterson

House of Secrets (2011)

Well done to Tracie for writing about how Mental Illness affects a family.three sisters seeking truth about what happened in their lives 15 years ago and having a father who supported materially but not himself. The fears and wondering, helplessness and feelings of hopelessness of close family me...

House of Secrets (2011) by Tracie Peterson

Hearts Aglow (2011)

This was a great sequel to the first book, Embers of Love, and though the novel came to a conclusion, it still left me wanting more which will come about in the way of the third installment in the trilogy. Deborah and Christopher's love is growing, but his secrets might turn one of them from the ...

Hearts Aglow (2011) by Tracie Peterson

The Miner's Lady (2013)

I had heard of this book in the series by Tracie Peterson, "Land of Shining Water" for some time now. I had heard how good they were and I'd been anticipating on reading them for a pretty long while. I'm glad that I had a chance to read this one and hopefully I'll be able to read the rest!I finis...

The Miner's Lady (2013) by Tracie Peterson

A Sensible Arrangement (2014)

Ever since I started reading ‘adult’ novels, I have loved Tracie Peterson’s books. They are some of my favorites and I have never been disappointed by any of them. They are always well written and the storylines are amazing. With that being said, I loved this book from the first page to the last....

A Sensible Arrangement (2014) by Tracie Peterson

Taming the Wind (2012)

Carissa Lowe's first marriage ended with a disaster that would have taken her life if not for the heroic actions of Tyler Atherton. Little more than two years later, Carissa finds herself living near attractive, vengeful Tyler. As Tyler struggles with his father's murder, Carissa is bound by fe...

Taming the Wind (2012) by Tracie Peterson

All Things Hidden (2013)

SummaryAll Things Hidden by Tracie Peterson is one of the newest books by Tracie Peterson. It takes place mainly in 1930's Alaska but also in Chicago. Are two hero's in the book are a young woman named Gwyn Hillerman and a upstart Doctor Jeremiah Vaughan. We find at the beginning Gwyn in Alask...

All Things Hidden (2013) by Tracie Peterson

Land of My Heart (2004)

Dianne Chadwick is a capable and efficient 16 year old and she helps her father in their town store alot because her elder brother doesn't enjoy being inside. Her older brother, Trenton, doesn't enjoy book learning or reading so she runs errand for his father and prefers to be out and about. The ...

Land of My Heart (2004) by Tracie Peterson

A Veiled Reflection (2000)

I thought this book would be more about what a 'Harvey Girl' did in the 1800's. A man named Harvey started restaurants next to train depots in the US and had girls go through a 3 month training before they were hired at a Harvey house to bus tables, clean, and cook. They were very famous becuas...

A Veiled Reflection (2000) by Tracie Peterson

Distant Dreams (1997)

really interesting story ruined by self-absorbed "me me me" charactersThe book is actually really good in many aspects, however, I experienced an overwhelming urge to punch the female protagonist (and the "hero" requires a kick up the backside), hence this is getting a 1*. ====================The...

Distant Dreams (1997) by Tracie Peterson

Westward the Dream (1999)

I feel that I have been cheated. The book ends, and nothing is resolved, the ribbons are still not in a bow, they are flying free. Which leaves me dissatisfied. I liked Jordana, she was a free spirit. I even liked G.W. yes, he did behave like a child when disappointed. But his pride was dealt a h...

Westward the Dream (1999) by Tracie Peterson

Castles: Kingdom Divided/Alas My Love/If Only/Five Geese Flying (2004)

This book actually contains 4 different Novels, the first two have some of the same characters but all the stories stand alone. I have enjoyed reading Tracie Peterson for some time now and really enjoyed reading these 4 stories.I felt like all the characters in each story were well rounded, excit...

Castles: Kingdom Divided/Alas My Love/If Only/Five Geese Flying (2004) by Tracie Peterson

What She Left for Me (2005)

THis book had a very interesting and novel plot. Jana's mother's is what compelled me to continue reading this book.However, for me, there became a point at which I found that too many things had happened to one charachter to be believable. I also really had trouble with some of the reactions or ...

What She Left for Me (2005) by Tracie Peterson

The Hope Within (2005)

The first half of the book was a little boring - so much bitterness and anger. But after about half of the book, I started seeing the good "life lessons" you could learn from what the author was writing about. George teaches Jamie about being "honorable". Forgiveness is a big theme. Life is not a...

The Hope Within (2005) by Tracie Peterson

To Dream Anew (2004)

I probably should have given this book 4 stars as it had a lot of intrigue and adventure....It was the story of a family on a ranch that had been left to the wife by an Uncle. The uncle had been married to an Indian and at that time you could not leave property to them, in fact most people tried...

To Dream Anew (2004) by Tracie Peterson

A Slender Thread (2000)

After reading a Garrison Keillor humorous book, then a Jeff Shaara tome on the Civil War, I was ready for something a little more spiritual. I had seen books by Peterson advertised in "The Lutheran" magazine and had wanted to try one. I was really disappointed in this book. I thought it read l...

A Slender Thread (2000) by Tracie Peterson

Rivers of Gold (2002)

Miranda Colton survived the wrecking of a boat in October, 1898, in the Yukon. When she awoke she was being nursed back to health by a native woman named Nellie. The English gentleman who owned the cabin was Teddy Davenport, a botanist. It was months before Miranda could tell family and friends o...

Rivers of Gold (2002) by Tracie Peterson

Daughter of the Loom (2015)

At first I was learning about Lowell MA textile manufacturing life in early nineteenth century and was enjoying it. Then about 1/4 of the way through it things kept bothering me.Lily is determined to ruin the manufacturing business in the town of Lowell, MA. In her estimation it has ruined her h...

Daughter of the Loom (2015) by Tracie Peterson

A Shelter of Hope (2005)

In Tracie Peterson’s A Shelter of Hope, Simone Dumas’s childhood has been fraught with terror, murder, and emotional and physical abuse. In an ultimate act of betrayal, her father sells her, along with his property, to another man. In order to avoid the physical abuse which the man surely intends...

A Shelter of Hope (2005) by Tracie Peterson

Treasures of the North (2001)

To start with, I don't think this was a bad book. I found the premise interesting and was eager to dive into it.There were a few things I took issue with within the first few chapters. I found Grace's mother to be inconsistent, going from who she was when we meet her in the first few pages to who...

Treasures of the North (2001) by Tracie Peterson

Silent Star (2003)

Andy and his father were in an accident that gave Andy a limp and took his father's life. Andy had to leave school to get a job to help support this mother. Because of his injury Andy wasn't able to become a solider. Instead he took a job in the telegraph office. His main job was delivering t...

Silent Star (2003) by Tracie Peterson

Tidings of Peace (2000)

This is a collection of 4 novellas set during the years of World War 2, during the holiday season.The first story, Coming Home, is about a returning vet dealing with survivor guilt. While I enjoyed the story, I felt the ending was wrapped up a little too quickly and neatly to be believable, but I...

Tidings of Peace (2000) by Tracie Peterson

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One of my favorite authors, Tracie Peterson keeps the reader captivated to the last page. Some of her series I have read at least seven times. I have also recommended her books to my friends.
—Brenda Shinn

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