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Terry Goodkind

Terry Goodkind
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Books by Terry Goodkind


The Law of Nines (2009)

The long-winded dialogue passages in this book warrant the 3-star rating. A new or unpublished author would be ripped to shreds by an editor or publisher for attempting to print such long, unbroken, almost monotonous sections of dialogue from a single character (Jax), but Mr. Goodkind apparently ...

The Law of Nines (2009) by Terry Goodkind

Severed Souls (2014)

It was really lovely to discover a new book had been published - so I even bought the hardback ;)The story starts in an interesting way, but I groaned internally when Rich and Kahlan lose their powers. For God's sake - we've spent 10 books or so with one or both of them losing their powers. In ...

Severed Souls (2014) by Terry Goodkind

La legge dei nove (2009)

Too much dialogue. Way too much dialogue. The entire book was boring, redundant dialogue. In real life if your life was being threatened, you would not stand around talking about unnecessary things. You would not allow strangers to get within arm's length of you. There is no way the female chara...

La legge dei nove (2009) by Terry Goodkind

De Wet Van Negen (2009)

A modern retelling of Wizard's First Rule. I used to love the series when it first came out, but after a while I began to notice that the writing was formulaic. With this writing I realized that I was able to discern the author's political leanings. Partially because of how obvious they seemed t...

De Wet Van Negen (2009) by Terry Goodkind

The Third Kingdom (2013)

My Wife and I are rabid Terry Goodkind fans but since the advent of The Omen Machine and The Third Kingdom, my appreciation for the Sword of Truth storyline has waned tremendaously. I feel Terry should have ended the series on the high with "The Confessor". Any new novels should have completely n...

The Third Kingdom (2013) by Terry Goodkind

The First Confessor (2012)

I have loved every entry in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, but the honest truth is I wasn't sure what to expect from Terry's first self-published ebook. It was a new experience for us both, me as a reader, and Terry as an author. But after just minutes with The First Confessor I was rope...

The First Confessor (2012) by Terry Goodkind

Verscheurde zielen (2014)

Honestly... I think I'm a little disappointed with this one. Don't get me wrong, I read for entertainment purposes and have thoroughly enjoyed the SoT series but something has definitely changed since Phantom. In the beginning of the series Terry Goodkind was reliable in that the beginning of t...

Verscheurde zielen (2014) by Terry Goodkind

Third Kingdom, The (2013)

Well....Better than the Omen Machine, not as good as the first portion of the series. I guess it is meant as a separate series, so it's fair that it's different. But I don't love the change. The focus is on the 2 main characters, so everyone else is supportive at best. You don't really get the id...

Third Kingdom, The (2013) by Terry Goodkind

De eerste biechtmoeder (2012)

Classic Goodkind! Na het zwakke 'De Omen Machine' is dit weer een Terry Goodkind verhaal wat schitterend is.

De eerste biechtmoeder (2012) by Terry Goodkind

La leggenda di Magda Searus (2013)

Terry Goodkind has moved past his prime with the last few books (Omen Machine, the Law of Nines, the Third Kingdom) But this one surprised me. I loved this book. It was just as good as Sword of Truth, and it brought us back to the wars, the origin of everything. If you wanted to know about where ...

La leggenda di Magda Searus (2013) by Terry Goodkind

La Première Inquisitrice (2013)

The First Confessor is in traditional Goodkind style, filled with suspence and gripping action sequences. Even though I already had an idea of where the book was heading, being a fan of the Sword of Truth series, I still found elements that were new and exciting.I gave this book only four stars, ...

La Première Inquisitrice (2013) by Terry Goodkind

The Pillars of Creation (2002)

Well, to say this book surprised me would be the understatement of the year. When I cracked the spine of this baby, I fully expected to pick up where the sixth book had left me. That would be with Richard and Kahlan in the Old World.Instead I found myself with a girl named Jennsen, and later on w...

The Pillars of Creation (2002) by Terry Goodkind

Faith of the Fallen (2001)

Faith of the FallenSword of Truth book #6By Terry GoodkindA Retroview by Eric AllenDue to my scathing reviews of Terry Goodkind's more recent work, I have recieved quite a few people saying that "if you claim to be so much of a Goodkind fan, then why don't you review one of his good books." So h...

Faith of the Fallen (2001) by Terry Goodkind

Phantom (2006)

"Kahlan stood quietly in the shadows, watching, as evil knockedsoftly on the door."With that ominous line, Terry Goodkind plunges us into PHANTOM, thetenth entry in his Sword of Truth series (not including thenovella DEBT OF BONES). Picking up where CHAINFIRE left off, LordRichard Rahl is still s...

Phantom (2006) by Terry Goodkind

Wizard's First Rule (2003)

An Opinionated Look At:Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First RuleBy Eric AllenI've given Terry Goodkind some very, very harsh reviews of late, and I've had a LOT of comments on those reviews from angry fans. I claim to be a fan of The Sword of Truth, and yet I mercilessly thrash his newer work? So, I...

Wizard's First Rule (2003) by Terry Goodkind

Chainfire (2005)

I really enjoyed this book if not for the frustration that had me wanting to tear my hair out. But for once it didn't so much have to do with Goodkind's writing as the characters themselves. Before I started Chainfire, I felt that maybe the books were getting a tad predictable. But this changed t...

Chainfire (2005) by Terry Goodkind

Debt of Bones (2004)

I found Legend of the Seeker on Hulu Plus and gave it a try. The slightest hints of humor got me to keep watching (the old naked man with the chicken was too weird NOT to keep watching). Then I found out this TV series was based on books.I went to the library and found Debt of Bones (Sword of Tru...

Debt of Bones (2004) by Terry Goodkind

Stone of Tears (1995)

Trigger warning.Oh man! I filled both sides of an envelope with incomprehensible scribblings about how much this book sucked. I want to see how far I can get without referring to it, and then we'll see just how much I have forgotten. It's hard to say how long I can take this. What was this book, ...

Stone of Tears (1995) by Terry Goodkind

Blood of the Fold (1997)

Welcome to the next installment of WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ. Pull up a chair, and have a seat.So before we get to the explication of weirdness, a couple of things of note that might lend context to this review:1. With the exception of 2013, I’ve read one of these books a year. I can’t handle...

Blood of the Fold (1997) by Terry Goodkind

Naked Empire (2004)

Anatomy of a Break-up:Going through a break-up or a divorce is never easy. The best of them are tinged with sadness and regret while the worst feel like a grenade going off in your chest. Worse still is the ending of a relationship that has lasted for many years and survived through adversity. We...

Naked Empire (2004) by Terry Goodkind

Soul of the Fire (2000)

La storia sarebbe stata anch abbastanza interessante: il salvataggio di Richard alla fine del libro precedente aveva evocato nel mondo i tre Rintocchi, altre armi magiche senzienti risalenti alla vecchia guerra (come i Mriswith e la Silph, la Spada della verità e il Legame dei Rahl). Solo che que...

Soul of the Fire (2000) by Terry Goodkind

Confessor (2007)

I came across this series accidentally and started it almost on a whim and, more than once, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish the series. Well, I finally did and while the series is far from perfect, it is a lot of fun with fascinating characters, a rich world and some very interesting ...

Confessor (2007) by Terry Goodkind

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