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Debt Of Bones (2004)

Debt of Bones (2004)

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I found Legend of the Seeker on Hulu Plus and gave it a try. The slightest hints of humor got me to keep watching (the old naked man with the chicken was too weird NOT to keep watching). Then I found out this TV series was based on books.I went to the library and found Debt of Bones (Sword of Truth, #0) by Terry Goodkind, which is a prequel to the Sword of Truth series that the TV show is based on.Unfortunately, Debt of Bones didn't impress me. It actually read a teensy bit...juvenile in one sense, despite the gore that I really didn't appreciate. I'm one of those people that keeps reading even if I don't like something. (Thank God I did, because one absolutely despicable part was explained satisfactorily.) This is a small book and a quick read and in this case, that's a wonderful thing.I like the show (which I've heard didn't follow the novels enough for some fans) but I just did not like Debt of Bones; not the writing or the gore or the story. I did like the characters in the book. Except for the main character. I found her single-minded and irritating. She did carry the story forward, though, which usually doesn't happen when the main character is so annoying.I was all set to read Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth, #1) but after Debt of Bones, I brought it back to the library and got some cozy mysteries instead.I will say that I've since read other reviews of Debt of Bones (far be it from me to stomp on a beloved author) and a big chunk of diehard fans of the Sword of Truth series and of Terry Goodkind didn't even like it. Some said it doesn't do the Sword of Truth series justice.Knowing that gives me hope. I'll probably get Wizard's First Rule again someday. Not anytime soon, though. There are just so many other books out there, waiting to be read!

This book illuminated a part of the story which, while playing an integral part in the events of the series, was always sort of off to the side, with no room for it to fit gracefully into the main novels. We were given little crumbs, and while a reader familiar with Goodkind's world knows more or less what's going to happen in this book, he does a good job with filling in the details to make, what amounts to a history, a new and surprising thing. While some may complain about the length of this book, saying it is too short, I both agree and disagree. It was nice to get some of Goodkind's brand of fantasy without having to read nearly a thousand pages, and since it was so short, you got much less of the padding and speeches contained in his other works. But it was too short in that I would love to see more of this caliber of writing and the quick pacing this book contained from Mr. Goodkind more often.

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I gave up on this series awhile ago because it's really not all that good. Entertaining enough to get you out of a book slump...but still...not good. Lately I've been addicted to Legend of the Seeker on Netflix, mostly because I think it's made by the same guy who did Xena. It's soooooo similar to that series so it plays on my nostalgia. Anyway, it made me wonder if I gave up on the books too soon. Not ready to commit myself to another 800 page epic I noticed there was a prequel novella. Perfect. And just like the rest of the series it was entertaining, but nothing to get excited about.It's a short story following a young Zedd and explaining how the barrier seperating the different lands went up. My only complaint is the narrator is kind of wimpy and annpoying. I didn't really care if things worked out for her or not.Now hopefully I have this out of my system and can go read something better now.

I tend to find it diffucult to rate short stories and novellas because it's hard to write something intriguing in the limited amount of space. I usually feel like I rated a short story/novella too high or too low, but this one was a solid 4 star for me. I wouldn't recommend this for someone who has not read most (if not all) of the Sword of Truth series, but it was fairly entertaining if you all ready have a solid foundation for the setting. This book presented the reader with an interesting quick background for some important events for the series.

Confused. So confused.But it's my own fault, I suppose, because I haven't read any of Goodkind's other works, and this, my library catalogue tells me, is the prequel to the series. So much of the confusion, I am sure, would be cleared up by reading the others, something I am not yet certain I wish to do. After all, "Debt of Bones" wasn't THAT good. But it had lovely pictures and it was short and I was going on could I resist? Three stars for the book, for, disregarding some weak sentences that tend to all say the same thing five different ways and some questionable word choice ('tummy'?), I must say that Goodkind's descriptions of things are excellent. An aspiring writer myself, description is proving to be something of my Achilles heel and I appreciate a writer who knows how to create the contents of a room, the composition of clothing, and the features of a person in a clear, crisp fashion. So in this respect, the book was helpful and instructive. Yet as the counter-balance, I could have done without so much exposition. I get it, I'm ignorant about the world, but I can figure a lot out. Exposition purely through dialogue, through the eyes of an ignorant person who has to have everything explained to her starts to sound contrived after a while. These are, of course, praises and complaints for style, for, having not read the series preceding and following it, I cannot judge as to content. So take it for what it is.
—Katy Wilmotte

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