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Pamela Morsi

Pamela Morsi
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Books by Pamela Morsi


Love Overdue (2013)

Dorothy Jarrow is everything that is sensible: her clothes, her car, her attitude. A job as a rural librarian in a small Kansas town fills the job bill.Only problem is her new landlady's son, the local pharmacist. Once upon a time, during spring break, DJ decided it was time to have sex and had w...

Love Overdue (2013) by Pamela Morsi

Amoureuse et un peu plus (2014)

This story contains my all-time favorite theme which is reunion romances. I always love that the characters have a history that didn't work, and the twist in this one is so great. The cast of secondary characters are so real, you feel like you've met them at some point in your life. Learning a bi...

Amoureuse et un peu plus (2014) by Pamela Morsi

Lovesick Cure (2013)

Romances tend to be a bit boring, same character type, same scenario. This starts out typical, with Jesse recovering from a failed romance that cost her a job and her place in the community. She retreats to the mountains, to visit with her elderly Aunt Will. That's when the story takes the int...

Lovesick Cure (2013) by Pamela Morsi

The Lovesick Cure (2012)

Ms Pamela Morsi, I think you do a fantastic job of writing old school sweet romances. I can't begin to say how much I loved Simple Jess.Jesse has been dumped by her fiance and heads off to stay with her Aunt Will. She works hard like a farm girl and eventually will come to take care of Aunt Will....

The Lovesick Cure (2012) by Pamela Morsi

Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar (2009)

When I started this book, I didn't have very high hopes for it. I thought it might end up one of those books with just sex at its core, or fluffy middle aged romance - but I was delightfully surprised. There were a lot of elements I could relate to easily in this book. The subject isn't this p...

Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar (2009) by Pamela Morsi

The Bikini Car Wash (2010)

The blurb for this book paints a picture of a light-hearted chick-lit book, but the book is surprisingly less amusing than expected. Though there were many strong elements of the book, ultimately the lackluster romance undermined the story, and i just never felt a real connection with Andi or Pet...

The Bikini Car Wash (2010) by Pamela Morsi

Bitsy's Bait & BBQ (2007)

A classic fish out of water story that follows sisters Emma Collins (the dependable, grounded, wanna-be anthropologist) and Katy Dodson (the never thinks things through, eternal optimist) who relocate to an obscure part of the Ozarks when Katy buys a "B&B" online, sight unseen using her divorce s...

Bitsy's Bait & BBQ (2007) by Pamela Morsi

Sweetwood Bride (1999)

I almost threw this book across the room. I hate hate hate books that begin with lies or coerscion and this book begins with both.Eulie Toby is one of those people who believe the end justifies the means and I suppose since it was a woman manipulating a man that was acceptable to most. However, a...

Sweetwood Bride (1999) by Pamela Morsi

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