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Sweetwood Bride (1999)

Sweetwood Bride (1999)

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I almost threw this book across the room. I hate hate hate books that begin with lies or coerscion and this book begins with both.Eulie Toby is one of those people who believe the end justifies the means and I suppose since it was a woman manipulating a man that was acceptable to most. However, as a woman I was disgusted by what she did and could not like her throughout the book. I do not believe that anyone could fall in love with someone that had misused them in such a way. I wonder what type of person thought this is ok? Even in fiction? I generally like Morsi but this book surprised me. I could not find anything redeeming about the book. I have a problem with situational ethics and I dislike when we forgie a woman in a storyline for doing something that we would never forgive a man for in similar circumstances. I hated the heroine of this book! I found no much respectable about her charachter or lack of ethics. If this had been my first Morsi book, it would most assuredly been my last!

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