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Janet Dailey

Janet Dailey
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Books by Janet Dailey


Bannon Brothers Trust (2011)

Synopsis: RJ Bannon is a detective on paid administrative leave for a previous injury when he comes across a cold case about an abducted three-year old child that has sat dormant for nearly twenty-five years and was never solved. Ann Montgomery was abducted from her family's historic mansion and...

Bannon Brothers Trust (2011) by Janet Dailey

Santa In Montana (2010)

The Calders will be celebrating Christmas in Montana with the whole family. Chase Calder the patriarch is planning the happiest Christmas ever. He plans on getting a special gift for everyone.Cat needs a man in her life according to Chase as she is nagging him about his diet. Chase invites Wade R...

Santa In Montana (2010) by Janet Dailey

A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree (2012)

This was cute, but about 100-150 pages in all of a sudden either the writing went downhill fast or I suddenly gained an awareness of how mediocre it was. Not BAD bad, just sometimes repetitive, sometimes awkward... Right where it suddenly goes down hill is when the leads have the obligatory fight...

A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree (2012) by Janet Dailey

Santa In A Stetson (2009)

I give this one 3.5 to 4 stars.It was a nice sweet love story. Cowboys were present as well.Laughs.SpoilerNote to Self: New MexicoDiana Palmer("Di",ex-model,24yo,new newspaper writer,preg w/ twins)+Elijah Masters("Lije",31yo,ranch owner,pal1) and Deuce & Trey (their dogs),Jim Two Pony(ranch forem...

Santa In A Stetson (2009) by Janet Dailey

Merry Christmas, Cowboy (2013)

What first caught my attention with this book was the super sweet cover art. Who can resist a handsome cowboy wearing a stetson on a horse? Unfortunately the book didn't really come through for me.Paula Lewis is a cop in Denver. Its the Christmas season and she has agreed to volunteer during h...

Merry Christmas, Cowboy (2013) by Janet Dailey

Christmas in Cowboy Country (2014)

Christmas in Cowboy Country is the first book I have read by Janet Dailey. I liked the sweet romance book but would have enjoyed more of the ranch life being shown. However, small town life is well portrayed which is a delight to read. Annie is a likable caring soul that did rather seemed like th...

Christmas in Cowboy Country (2014) by Janet Dailey

Darling Jenny (1988)

Not hot and steamy in the least, it's a wonderfully romantic book that kept me tuned in until the last page. Sadly this meant staying up until 1:30 in the morning on a work night. The heroine was a bit too bitchy most of the time but she was still likable enough. It's understandable she was to ha...

Darling Jenny (1988) by Janet Dailey

Calder Storm (2006)

A nice addition to the Calder series.Trey Calder meets and falls in love with a free-lance photographer, Sloan Davis. Sloan, orphaned as a child, had a grown up under the guardianship of Max Rutledge, a Calder nemesis. She is already heavy with child before the family discovers who her Uncle Max ...

Calder Storm (2006) by Janet Dailey

Calder Pride (2007)

Logan, the one man I love from the start. His smoking body and piercing gray eyes are to die for. He is the type of courageous, macho man that knows how to handle situations and fear. Cat falls in love with him, who wouldn't?It was a good book, very romantic and moving. It exemplified and glorifi...

Calder Pride (2007) by Janet Dailey

Leftover Love (1985)

4 1/2 stars I've been promising myself a Janet Dailey read since she passed away not long ago so when I found one I hadn't read, I was ready to go.This is the story about a hero who is plug ugly. The sort of ugly that makes nice girls recoil. I kind of visualise Jack Palance with the prominent ch...

Leftover Love (1985) by Janet Dailey

The Hostage Bride (Silhouette Romance, #82) (1981)

This does not even deserve one star. I want everyone to know why I read this book so they don't think I've gone crazy. I was stuck at some fundraiser, and I hadn't brought a book. So, I took this one (There were like 50 bookshelves there) I read it, while I was reading. And I couldn't stop laughi...

The Hostage Bride (Silhouette Romance, #82) (1981) by Janet Dailey

Stands A Calder Man (1999)

Janet Dailey is an excellent writter. She adds depth to the characters and build complex stories that actually hold a persons interest. This isn't your easy boy meets girl romance. She's married and not about to cheat. The emotions just simmer for a very long time. You feel for the characters. Y...

Stands A Calder Man (1999) by Janet Dailey

Calder Promise (2005)

This is Laura's story. Laura is the daughter of Jessie and not a thing like her mother. She is touring Europe with her spoiled 'Aunt' Tara when she encounters two men: Boone Rutledge, son of a wealthy Texas cattle baron and Sebastian Dunshill, Earl of Crawford. Laura flits around Europe and event...

Calder Promise (2005) by Janet Dailey

This Calder Sky (1999)

I'm not entirely sure why I finished this book except possibly for sheer, morbid curiosity. Chase Calder is an awful, arrogant, bully of a man. The book starts when he is 22 and she is 15, so their first encounter is statutory rape and I'm afraid I can't just mean that in a legal sense. She was i...

This Calder Sky (1999) by Janet Dailey

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