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The Hostage Bride (Silhouette Romance, #82) (1981)

The Hostage Bride (Silhouette Romance, #82) (1981)

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About book The Hostage Bride (Silhouette Romance, #82) (1981)

This does not even deserve one star. I want everyone to know why I read this book so they don't think I've gone crazy. I was stuck at some fundraiser, and I hadn't brought a book. So, I took this one (There were like 50 bookshelves there) I read it, while I was reading. And I couldn't stop laughing. It was just so freaking ridiculous! The writing was crappy- at one point, Tamara talks about having a nauseous pain IN HER HEAD!!!! Can some explain how your HEAD could feel nauseous? YOUR F****** HEAD? HOW!!!!!! This is just one example of the terrible writing. See, I never thought I would say this, but Willow was better then this book. And if any of you read my Willow review, you'll know where I stand on that book. And this one is worse. I don't normally like romances, but I was just bored. Where was the romance? The male lead was laughable, starting from the first second you meet him. His name. Is. BICKFORD!!!!!!!!! Bick, for short. Tamara was one of those mopey, weepy, PATHETIC heroines. Give me Scarlett O'Hara any day. This book was so ridiculous, I can't believe I made it through it. (Well...I skipped some parts, but believe me the plot was simple. The whole story is pretty much on the back flap.) Okay, I'm still going to recommend this, though: I recommend it for anyone looking for a good laugh. Forget humour- this is a million thousand billion trillion funnier, absurder, and more hilarious then any other book on this earth. So laugh it up, and read the Hostage Bride.

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