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Zita The Spacegirl (2011)

Zita the Spacegirl (2011)

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1596434465 (ISBN13: 9781596434462)
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About book Zita The Spacegirl (2011)

when zita friends was capture by aliens she tried to leapin to save the day. Woke up on a strange planet it wasn'tBut zita is even more surprise because she is a super heroin she doesn't now it.The aliens in all shapes in sizes.Zita is a fun and a good friend she will alwayshelp you if you need help. She may be smallbut very this is a good book for all ages even for me. Zita and her friend Joseph were playing in a field when an asteroid landed, leaving behind a foreign device with an inviting bright red button.Zita is daring, so she pushes the button despite Joseph's pleas to not do it. Unfortunately for him she does it and he got kidnapped through a portal. After freaking out and running away in terror, Zita made up her mind to use the device in hopes of saving her friend. She landed in an alien world complete with strange and sometimes dangerous creatures. On her quest to save Joseph she made some interesting friends along the way.I love how light and fun this was to read. Some of the dialogues were downright funny and the graphic had this bouncy feel to it. A very nice package.

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Cute and funny kids book that touches on some grown-up concepts.

3.5 really. Absolutely enjoyable but not that memorable for me

A little darker than I expected.

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