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Yarın Ve Daima (2013)

Yarın ve Daima (2013)

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About book Yarın Ve Daima (2013)

Listening to audiobook on slightly faster speed, narrated by MacLeod Andrews. The setting is a small historic town in Maryland. The Boonsboro Inn is a real place, owned by this author, Nora Roberts and her husband Bruce Wilder. The bookstore where the heroine works, Turn the Page, is also owned by Bruce and Nora. The pizza place is real, too.Main quibble: The author needed to stand back from this book. It's too personal to her, so she spends wayyyyy too much time describing the details of her inn: the picket railing, the ceilings, the furniture, the window treatments, the naming of the rooms, etc. It started to feel like a big advertisement.Characters:Montgomery characters: Beckett Montgomery is the architect, his brothers Ryder is the construction manager, and his brother Owen is the general manager and master cabinetmaker.Clare Brewster (née Murphy), a war widow with three sons under 10 years old: Murphy, Liam, Harry. Her best friend is Avery. Clare was a cheerleader in high school (ugh) and Beckett has loved her from afar since he was 16.To quote from another review: "There was some foul language, which tends to turn me off anyway, but this felt sprinkled in kind of randomly, like she had to put it in to make her male characters seem masculine. And I guess I get it, because they "sounded" like men being written by a woman." (including token gratuitous religious profanity) This is the first in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. The 3 Montgomery brothers are rehabbing the inn. None of them have a social life. Beckett has had a thing for Clare Murphy Brewster since high school but she was in love with Clint Brewster. They married right after high school and he joined the service and they moved away. But he died in the war and left her pregnant and with two small boys.She returned to Boonsboro and opened a bookstore. Beck is showing Clare around the Inn and she stumbles and he catches her and almost kisses her. He thinks she is not interested. She thinks the same of him. A few days later, she daringly says something to him and he goes for it and kisses her.This is the start of something wonderful. But Clare has a stalker. Will he ruin things?I liked this book. The town is wonderful as are the characters.

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A good start to another Nora Roberts Trilogy. A little bit of mystical and a lot of chemistry...

I loved this book. I cannot wait to start the second one in the series.

3.5 Stars

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