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Siempre Hay Un Mañana (2012)

Siempre hay un mañana (2012)

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Plaza & Janés

About book Siempre Hay Un Mañana (2012)

The first in this series, was slow paced, but also kept my interest. A romance that develops from friendship is the main plot, but there are other great characters we meet and want to know more about. The refurbishing of the Boons Boro Inn, is also and interesting side plot. Thev Inn has its own ghost...hopefully we will learn who this honeysuckle smelling ghost is. Right now she is called Lizzie, since she is in the Darcy and Elizabeth suite. Another cute and lovely romance by Nora Roberts. Like her other work, the characters are very likable, making it a joy to read about their lives. There is a bit of the mystic with a ghost lurking around (which gave me the creeps when I was finishing the book at 3 in the morning in the dark), a bit of action with a stoker who is obsessed with the main female characters, and plenty of funny interactions between the characters. I do think that the book could have had a bit more of romantic scene. Due to the busy lives of the two main protagonists, the scenes where there was actually a romantic interaction between them seemed few and far in between. But it was still a quick and fun read. Looking forward to the second part of the series.

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As with all of Nora' s books this one was just as yummy as the rest.

Just entertaining and lazy read for me. Nothing profound here.

Not my cuppa. Just couldn't get into it.

This was an easy listen. A good fun book.

I want to live in this town. :-)

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