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Worth The Fight (2000)

Worth the Fight (2000)

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About book Worth The Fight (2000)

I really enjoyed this book. The charters weren't over the top, or too vulgar. It was a really nice balance.I like both characters, both opposites that compliment each other. She's a lawyer, he's a fighter.The story was also nicely put together, simple and to the point. I really enjoyed how the author incorporated the supporting characters into the story, it was really refreshing to get to know Nico's crazy family and how they interact, and support one another.We didn't meet Elle's family, which was different. The focus was on Nico and his troubles.I loved their intimate scenes together, getting to know one another.I will definitely be continuing this series. This book was recommended to me by a friend and I do not regret buying it.. This book was AWESOME, really AWESOME.Heroine ia a solid strong female that is a lawyer and super smart. Hero is a nice guy, with some baggage. This book was really strong and adult, it felt like a I read about ppl I could know in real like. They feels so real. Story was excellent, writing was tight with a good flow. We followed POV from both H/h and I was nicely done. I usually like PVO only from 1 side, but this worked.I am so going to continue with this series and I am going to check out this author a lot more. She may end up on my auto buy list in the future. 5 stars.

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Why not 5 stars? 369 pages and in that is 248 smiles, smirks or grins. It got a bit much.

I love this book! Top 30 on my list 4.5

Nice feel good romance!



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