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Wolf Signs (2009)

Wolf Signs (2009)

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1605044767 (ISBN13: 9781605044767)
Samhain Publishing

About book Wolf Signs (2009)

This was the very definition of uncomfortable reading. The dialogue between the characters was just awful. So awkward and juvenile. It was like listening to a bad conversation between my teenage cousins. Robyn was not the female lead character I wanted her to be. Not because she was deaf, I actually enjoyed that aspect of the book (it's what drew me in to begin with), but because she was a wildly uncontrollable roller coaster of fluctuating emotions. This bitch was ALL OVER THE PLACE. In one conversation we get her 'yelling' at the other characters, storming outside to cry, taking everything in a calm manner (for thirty seconds), insinuating her 'mate' is a liar, and then there was overwhelming lust (if I had to read about another character being 'mouth watering' or having to swallow their excess of spit due to said mouth watering, I may have actually thrown my kindle- and I LOVE my kindle). She was ridiculous. And annoying. Keil had some potential. Constantly in a state of lust, but it wasn't annoyingly overwhelming. Until the last wolf fight at the end, I even kinda liked the guy. Shit fell apart there though. He came off as weak. The resolve of his drama ended up being eye rollingly stupid, in my opinion. Will I continue this series? No. I'd rather pluck my own eye lashes one painful pull at a time. Surprised I really enjoyed this, but it seemed to end a bit too abruptly. Romance was lovely, characters believable and I really liked that the heroine, although overcoming the challenge of being deaf, she was gentle and lovely and had a great sense of humour. Relieved she was not 'pissy' angry and defensive about the world and men like a lot of authors characterize shifter females, particularly alpha females. Liked their affectionate connections with their siblings. Really want to read the next one...

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even though the book really started part way into a story, it was really, really good!

Quick PNR read. If you like shifters you should read this.

2.5 eh. It was okay for a short story.

Great story

3.5/5 (C+)

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