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Winter's Passage (2010)

Winter's Passage (2010)

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1426858329 (ISBN13: 9781426858321)
Harlequin Teen

About book Winter's Passage (2010)

I like novellas between books. They give a little more information that the books can't really give. They make a smooth transition between the books. I liked seeing Ash and Meghan together. They are an interesting couple who have huge obstacles to overcome. I wonder how the information that Meghan gave The Hunter will effect the rest of the series. It could make things awkward and difficult between Meghan and Oberon. I went straight into this from the Iron King, which I thought ended where it should. This is four chapters between Meghan leaving her world for the second time and arriving at the Winter court. I'm not sure if this was an afterthought or originally the beginning of the second book, but it's been separated out. You get a peek at Meghan and Ash and learn the source of the bile between Ash and Puck. You don't have to read it for the next story to make sense, but you'll miss out on the big bad wolf if you skip it.

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Igazából semmi extra benne. Megtudtuk hogy él a a farkas a Piroska és a Farkasból :D Kb ennyi.

Well done; short and to the point.


Loved it.

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