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Wife By Wednesday (2000)

Wife by Wednesday (2000)

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1467964409 (ISBN13: 9781467964401)

About book Wife By Wednesday (2000)

Blake Harrison has everything. Good looks, wealth, smarts, charm and a duke title. However, in order to keep it all he needs a wife. An uncomplicated wife. A no strings attached wife. A wife on paper. A business arrangement. For that he turns to fellow businessman Sam Elliot. Except, Sam is a gorgeous redhead with blazing green eyes and a sultry voice that could put sex operators to shame. Her matchmaking business offers him three possible wife candidates, but he wants what's behind door number four. He wants Sam. Samantha did not see a marriage proposal coming. But the man is demanding, easy on the eyes and could solve a whole lot of problems for her. If only she can keep from falling for him. A sweet love story with a few scorned exes, treacherous lawyers, and a perfect twist of fate. The first book of the series is funny, sweet and sexy. Liked this book. He has to find a wife to secure inheriting millions from his deceased father. She is a matchmaker who has found the perfect candidates for him to choose from. The only problem is he has chosen her. Can they make it work or will they fall in love?RATING: 3.5 StarsTYPE OF NOVEL: Mature Adult RomanceCHARACTER: Blake Harrison & Samantha ElliotSERIES: 1st book in series - Weekday Brides - All others about related characters. DATE FINISHED: 11/18/2014

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This was a good quick read. Catherine Bybee did a good job writing Wife by Wednesday.

Audio book for me. Really loved Sam and Blake and their honesty. Not cheesy.

3.5 stars


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