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Widow's Guide To Sex And Dating, The: A Novel (2014)

Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating, The: A Novel (2014)

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About book Widow's Guide To Sex And Dating, The: A Novel (2014)

This novel is what I consider a "beach read" - light, well written, funny. Will it win any awards? Probably not but I doubt that was the author's intention. Candace Bushnell describes the central character, Claire, as "a modern day Holly Golightly." I couldn't agree more. There is sex but it is not described in detail - much is left to your imagination which I prefer. I read it in a day and felt it was time well spent, for a lazy, storm-filled summer afternoon. I'm generous in my rating, to say the least. This book is like reading a 300 page long People magazine. People is a fun magazine, but it is not a novel. The book is entertaining, but that is much as I can give it. Every stereotype in the world--from having a crazy, brazen, bold best friend (who tries to pull the boring, stay at home character to go out at night), to the gay best friend who tells it like it is, to the stodgy boss. Every character is what a NYC character "should" be, including the shrinks, the psychics, even the newsstand guy. There is way too much name-dropping, not only of who is in restaurants or at parties, but name-dropping of artists and philosophers as if that will suddenly make it a high-brow book? Of course, you want to see if the widow will find love, but the unrealistic paths she takes to get there are almost unbelievable. If you have nothing else on your reading pile, this would be fine, but there are so many GOOD books out there! Why bother?

Do You like book Widow's Guide To Sex And Dating, The: A Novel (2014)?

A fun lighthearted beach read- this has the feel of sex in the city!

The plot was pretty thin...but it was a good vacation read.

"She was the sort of girl that liked to drink Champagne."

More of a 3.5 stars for me - fun but fluff!

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