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Ritrovarsi A Manhattan (2014)

Ritrovarsi a Manhattan (2014)

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8811682827 (ISBN13: 9788811682820)

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I found this novel extremely disappointing. I am a huge fan of "What Remains" and couldn't wait to start reading Widow's Guide, unfortunately it was a big let down. Radziwill is not a bad writer, in fact I still think she's a great one, but this is a bad book. Boring storyline, it feels like it's not going anywhere and all I wanted to do was get to the end and escape my misery. Not sure how or why I finished it to begin with. She proved that she can write a book with substance and emotion and this one feels like it was slapped together with almost no effort. Don't waste your money or time "Blue Skies can be misleading," written on the very first page, is an example of what a good writer the author can be. Regretably, much of the book tries too hard to be clever, and the gems like that are overshadowed. The book is another variation of the wealthy, privildeged, name-dropping, peope-magazine observations of a Claire, a recently widowed wife of Charlie, a noted sexologist. Her reflections about writing are well considered, as are those of widowhood and her 'rules' carry a kernel of experienced truth. But overall - I began to feel like the author was trying too hard to impress the reader. It was distracting and became annoying.

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Meh- quick read, mostly forgettable though

Cute book! Highlighted a lot...

Witty,easy read

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