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While My Sister Sleeps (2009)

While My Sister Sleeps (2009)

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0385524927 (ISBN13: 9780385524926)

About book While My Sister Sleeps (2009)

Meh. *Slight spoilers.* Not my genre. Flipped through it on a two or three hour flight. Not bad, but very family drama where it all ends up improbably well in the end, tied up in a neat little bow. The mother character was a witch on wheels in the beginning, with no concept of common sense or decency in how she treated others, which is what turned me off in the beginning. Also the brother was pretty much an ineffectual male. Very namby pamby, letting other people do the heavy emotional lifting. Most of the characters just wanted to avoid conflict rather than straighten things out, but again, the HEA reigns supreme. Well, as happy as a book with this subject matter can get. Which is pretty darn happy considering. Not my cup of tea. For a Barbara Delinsky book, this was disappointing. I borrowed the audio version from the library and listened to it in the car. It was just so so. Story is of two sisters, one has a heart attack while running and the other has to cope with family and the family 's business. Turns out the sister who had the heart attack was the result of an affair that the mother had prior to meeting the other sister's father. The heart condition that she died from was inherited from the father. There was a lot going on amongst the family. Just hard to get very into this book

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I liked her writing style and how things were resolved with a positive outlook at the end.

It's a full book about a one week family tragedy and I just felt like it was just ok.

Nice pace. A sad but very interesting novel about love, loss and relationships

A compelling story of family and life. A must read

A tear-jerker but well done.

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