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While It Lasts (2000)

While It Lasts (2000)

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About book While It Lasts (2000)

Tahle série má jednu velikou výhodu - čte se skoro sama. U děje už to však místy pokulhává a všechny knížky, které jsem od Abbi četla, se od sebe zatím moc nelišily, což je škoda, protože námět má jistě velký potenciál. Cage se objevil už v předchozích dílech, ale nemůžu říct, že bych od začátku byla jeho velkým fandou (něco do sebe tenhle hot guy přeci ale jen má). Eva.... z počátku jsem ji moc ráda neměla - naštěstí se ukázalo, jak je ve skutečnosti sympatická.Těším se na další díly ze Sea Breeze, doufám, že mě ještě něčím mile překvapí. I really enjoyed this book but a few issues kept it from getting five stars. 1. It was predictable. Which most people expect in a romance book. I like to have at least some major plot twist that I can't see coming.2. I was disappointed in Eva's character. She is not at all what I expected for Cage. I wanted a female Cage, who sleeps around and Cage wants more, but she doesn't, type of deal. While I like the character, I just don't like her with Cage. 3. Cage acted like an idiot in this book. His character didn't coincide with the way he was in the book with Marcus (Because of Low). He frequently screams and acts like a mad man when he does something stupid, which just made me angry.4. There wasn't enough Marcus Hardy for me. ;) There are also a couple reasons why this didn't get three stars.1. This book was sexy as hell. There is no other way to put it. The sex and foreplay in this book are some of the best I have read.2. The romance was good. Bad boy meets good girl. Overall it was a pleasant read, and one I recommend for people who want an easy read romance that they can lose themselves in.

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Love me some cage....traded rush in for him !!! cage is my new book boy friend !!!

Quise golpear a Eva en el rostro muy fuerte varias veces.

weird, but i really like Cage.. hell, i love him. :D

Can't wait for the movie!!!!

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