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Wethering The Storm (2013)

Wethering the Storm (2013)

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Montlake Romance

About book Wethering The Storm (2013)

Just when you think you couldn't love Jake Wethers's anymore then you do, this book has you falling deeper for the fictional character. I waited forever for this book to come out and let me tell you Samantha didn't let me down. It was awesome!! This book gave you a look into the life of Tru and her rocker boyfriend, and the things that could put up road blocks for the couple. It didn't have the nail biting moments like the mighty storm, but you didn't need them. It deals with Tru and her issues of Jakes past, and the things he did to make her feel more secure made my heart flutter. I devoured this book in a day, less then a day actually, I couldn't put it down, he is my #1 rocker and I didn't want it to end. I love how she gave us some pov from Jake. This book had me laughing,some swooning and gave me tears. I cried from like 70% into this book to the end. It was that "ugly" cry and tears of happiness. I truly loved it and can't wait to read more from this author. Why?LolHonestly this book like in the bottom list from other waiting list books.Why suddenly I choose to read it?Well because, I want to get over itYes there, I want to read this and get over it since I didn't expect much from this bookEventhough the first book was good, but I dunno why I just don't want to read this and then bam! I love this hahahaI forgot how good they are together, that I remember just tru's two timing gurl and jake's just a manwhore and userSo, then that.But here, here everything is great. A lil bit drama at first and then the major things happened.When someone wanted something badly but the other one doesn't. I also would do the same tru did, leaving.What's left?Nothing. So just leave.I always love how jake love tru fiercely. Like really really really really love her. When they had a fight, they fought over it together and talked about it. That's I love.The breakdown of jake. Damn. That's so harsh. I can't. I love to read something like that. Jake's so lost. So lost because he thought tru leave him. I love how you didn't make jj died. If it was me, maybe I would make him died and then make another happy ending. Ok that's so cliche lol, but also the accident. It always happened but I dunno why I always love that moment. The moment when the other person, especially the man always felt vulnerable in the moment of that time.

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This book was a gift, pure and simple. Love that we got to see more of Jake and Tru's HEA.

Eh. Didn't love it like the first book. Predictable and I got a little bored at times.

Love love loveeeee

4.5 stars!!


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