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The Mighty Storm (2000)

The Mighty Storm (2000)

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About book The Mighty Storm (2000)

3,5 stars.The romance felt surreal. Jake love Trudy so badly, he lost without her. And I think that was too much y'know Trudy is a cheater I don't like her. And Will still love her, I can't imagine!Also I hate her inner monologue, 'I think this is blah blah blah''I don't think so blah blah blah''Crap'So childish if you ask me. I don't like it. Pissed me off.But overall the book was okay. Holy wow!So the mighty storm had been on my 'To-Read' list for a while and I eventually got around to reading it after amazon added it on Kindle Unlimited....and now I'm mentally kicking myself for not reading it sooner!! Jake Whether's is just, well, sometimes words aren't enough! I loved him and the dynamic between him and Tru. The thoughtless trilogy and Kellan Kyle have always been at he top of my book list the mighty storm and jake Whether's have definitely given them a run for their money.

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It was good. Reminded me a lot of Thoughtless. I don't know which came first but they were similar.

100% recommend this book.. Best bad boy musician book by far!

4.5 mighty stars!

Loved it.

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