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Waterfall (2011)

Waterfall (2011)

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1434764338 (ISBN13: 9781434764331)
David C. Cook

About book Waterfall (2011)

Waterfall was really good! I was surprised at how much I liked it. I just got it because it was free on Amazon, but I totally read the whole book in one day. Gabi was a totally relatable character and you really wanted her to figure everything out. She seemed totally human. I actually really liked the ending on this book. Usually in books, the ending just says somehow it all worked out, but this one actually had a believable ending, and it left room for a sequel that I totally want to read. The romance was cute, but not over the top or inappropriate. I hate books that focus just on romance, because real people have more in their lives going on than a cute guy. This book demonstrated that. Even though it had romance in it, it wasn't a strictly romance book, which was nice. I think this book is wonderful because it leaves you hooked at the end of every single page. The main character in the book Waterfall, Gabi, travels with her sister to 15th Century Italy. When she first arrives in Italy, she already has a problem facing her. Her sister Lia, who time traveled with Gabi did not arrive with her. Soon enough, Gabi has to look for her sister in medieval Italy, but the fact that she also falls in love with a prince who happens to be engaged in order to make peace alliances does not help. What I really like about this book is that it is a mix of different genres including science fiction, romance and comedy. I would really recommend this book to girls of all ages.

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I usually get bored with a series, but I'm actually going to read the next book in this one!

Stupid, but entertaining.

Extremely silly.



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