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Vor Uns Das Leben (2014)

Vor uns das Leben (2014)

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About book Vor Uns Das Leben (2014)

Etkileyici, sarsıcı ve duygusal yönü ile sarsıcı bir hikaye olduğunu söylebilme mmkün ..Mendilleri fazla uzağınızda tutmamanız hayrınıza olabilir..Yazarı takip edermiyim ..evet..tamam ağlatıyor , ki bunu pek sevmedim yani ağlamayı :) ama bunun dışında verdği mesajlarla yüreğinizide ısıtabilen bir özelliği olduğunu söylemek mümkün..Güzel ve Çirkin hikayesinin farklı bir konu ile ele alınmış ve bana göre bunuda hakkıyla başarmış...Yazarı sevdim eğer farklı kitapları yayınlanırsa takibimde olacak... What an eye opener of a book! This book and me stopping in places, sitting back and really thinking about life and how we perceive each other. It always breaks my heart when someone finds themselves not worthy so this book broke my heart several times that I had to do a running commentary to my husband as I was reading so I wouldn't be on my own with the feelings this book brought from me. I loved how the story didn't just start at the life changing moment in the story, as most books do. You actually, in a way, grew up with these characters by learning how they became who they were from reading through their childhood. You understood them more and so when the troubling times did arrive your feelings were so wrapped up in the story it was as though these tragedies was happening in your own home town and the loss wasn't just theirs but your own as well. Saying this, even though this story broke me a few times I found it strengthened me as well. I found myself seeing life in a new way and appreciating the things I had maybe taken for granted. Truly was an eye opener and such a great story that was beautiful told.

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Amazing....I'm truly speechless. Beautiful and touching....just wow.

This was predictable but great characters. 3.75 stars

4.5- Very well written with a great story line.


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