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Virals (2010)

Virals (2010)

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1595143424 (ISBN13: 9781595143426)
Penguin Razorbill

About book Virals (2010)

This is one of my favorite books by Kathy reichs. Why? Not only is it kid friendly it allows the reader to connect with Tory Brennan, teen hybrid sluth. What Kathy does is capture the average teenage girls mind but doesn't over exaggerate or fantasize it. When Tory Brennan and her friends discover the dog tags that belonged to a long time missing person and clandestine experiments being done on a beloved wolf-dog it changes their entire lives.If you love this book there's more to come in her next book Seizure and if you want to explore the world of Temperance Brennan check out the first in her own series, Déjà Dead. Ways this book could've been better:1. The main character, Tory, is first seen in chapter one while she explains how she currently lives on a mostly deserted, small island. Tory also mentions how she used to live in Pennsylvania before her mother died. Those two things (how she used to live in Pennsylvania and her mother dying) were never elaborated. I would really like to see how Tory transitioned from normality to a lot of legroom and little social life. And about her mother dying, there were definitely things missing. Why would you read a book that depresses you? That's a question I ask when my friends complain about the ending or part of a book that was particularly sad. So I'm not complaining that I didn't get to see Tory go through the five stages of grief. But I'd like to see a flashback every once in a while. I mean, Tory lived with her for fourteen years; I think I am allowed to witness a couple of paragraphs of Tory's mom combing Tory's hair, a mother-daughter breakfast, or even a girls' night out to the mall. Even though Tory puts a thought here and there about how her mom was comforting or how her mom fell in love, Tory never elaborates...................That's it for ways it could've been better. That. Is. It.Why?Because this book is 30% action, 30% drama, 30% mystery, and 10% romance.So, if you're looking for a dramatic, action-filled mystery with a light romance, you are wasting your time not reading Virals.Tick tick, tick tick. This is wasted time. Pick up the book.

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This was an incredible book! I love the entire series!

Interesting plot, but terribly written.

Loved this book!

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