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Bones To Ashes (2007)

Bones to Ashes (2007)

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About book Bones To Ashes (2007)

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this book is finally getting a more in depth look at Tempe's past. This novel delves into her childhood and family while she was growing up than pretty much all of the other novels combined.When Tempe was a young girl, her family would vacation in NC. One summer there she met an exotic french girl several years older than she and they became the best of friends. Then, all of a sudden, three years later she just vanishes without so much as a good bye. The remaining family tell Tempe not to keep asking questions and just accept it.Fast forward 30 years. In the midst of handling a complicated case of missing persons for her on again-off again lover/co worker Ryan something comes across her desk that dredges up what could possibly be the ruined bones of her long lost friend from summer vacation. Could it actually be her?Of course being a Tempe Brennan book there's alot of threads dangling all at the same time. Tempe novels are generally pretty busy and this is no exception. The missing person cases for Ryan, the mysterious body that could be that of her decades lost friend, the danger and dark characters that Tempe inevitably gets herself embroiled with.Now, with these books being so busy, it opens the door for the book going into territory you'd never expect. It's happened in previous books. Biker gangs, secret societies, cults, you name it. Once again this is on exception. However there are pitfalls to that.Sometimes I find it hard to keep track of who's who in these books. I don't know if it's me letting my mind wander at times, or all the French names which I'm really still not used to seeing, not to mention all the French speak and terms, locations, etc, etc. Also when you have a high number of cases that Tempe's working on, it gets to be a bit much. A great many players, it's just a little funny (no, not funny 'ha ha') that most of them just so happen to be reduced to bone! =)The other thing that gets on my nerves is the relationship between Ryan and Tempe. This novel deftly picks up the thread from Break No Bones as far as their relationship is concerned. That thread being Tempe's confused feelings towards her estranged not quite ex husband. To put it briefly, Ryan no likey! Which is fine and would normally make for more or less interesting character interaction. But we have grown adult professionals who handle relationships and feelings as if they were confused teenagers. Tempe leaves a lot of thoughts in her head and becomes very stubborn towards anything relationship wise. If you're up to this book in the series, I'm sure you've become used to it as well. But being used to it doesn't make it any less frustrating at times, although I'm in it for the long haul to see how this long standing series (and the relationship between Tempe and Ryan) pans out.Sometimes the dialogue is a bit odd too. Maybe it's because most of the characters are primarily Francophones? Hard to say, but sometimes the phrases people use just don't seem quite natural. Hard to explain, but it's just one of those things.At the end of the day you get a pretty intriguing mystery with some good (and overdue) fleshing out of Tempe's past as well as a very satisfying ending. If you've enjoyed the other Tempe Brennan books, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this as well.

I'm not sure if I've become more critical since the last Kathy Reichs book I read, or if this book is simply less stellar. I certainly enjoyed many parts of it, and overall it was an interesting forensic investigation, but it has a few significant weaknesses. My main complaint is that Reichs is inconsistent with her target audience. There's enough science in the book to suggest the reader is intelligent and interested in the scientific details and explanations -- a fair assumption, given the genre and 'gimmick' of the main character. I can appreciate the explanations, even if it seems hokey that every time Brennan talks to another expert for test results, they give her a crash course on their specialty. (In real life, do they do that? Does the anthropologist really care?) Okay, so the reader has a few brains. Then why the heck does Reichs summarize the case so often? Once or twice in the first quarter of the book makes sense, but it seemed to happen more often here. My annoyance came particularly from Brennan's relentless rhetorical questions every time she had a moment to herself: "What happened to those girls? Who was the female skeleton? Where was Harry?" on and on. The supposed smart reader already knows that these are questions and is asking them on their own; there's no need for Brennan to reiterate them. The reader knows they'll be answered by the end of the book. Stop filling pages with them! These questions suggest the reader is not intelligent -- well, which type of reader is the publisher expecting?!The expected intelligence of the reader is inconsistent, but so in Dr. Brennan's intelligence. She's supposed to be this amazing bone specialist and is often quite brilliant at her job. Often she makes excellent connections between clues, of the type you expect the heroine in a murder-mystery to make. Yet other times she is really dense and silly. It takes way too long to notice Basterage's slip-up, for example. It's hard to like a character that maddens you sometimes.Ryan is a fairly flat character here -- yes, there is something going on under his surface, but it's never given much voice and he does not seem to have much more of a role in this book than 'cop'. Harry is more useful to Brennan's investigation than Ryan.I read another review about this book on Goodreads, and that person (I forget who) said the tv version of Brennan -- Bones -- is a better character. I agree 100%. Ryan is better, too.

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I've read all of Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan novels, and this is definitely one of her better ones for a while now. The last few have seemed strained and a little repetitive. However, I found this book very compelling, and as such, had finished within two days. I enjoyed the story and the development of Brennan's character, getting more of an insight into her past. I've always liked the sexual chemistry between Brennan and Ryan and wasn't disappointed here. IMHO this was still not as good as her earlier books but it is still a great read. *A warning to those who are considering reading this because they watch the televised programme Bones - whilst the show is meant to be based on these books, all they have really done is use the character's name and occupation. I do love the show but regard it as completely separate to the books. The character Temperance Brennan is very different in the books to how she is shown on TV, nor are any of the other characters from the show in the books, so if that is what you are expecting you will be disappointed. However, the books are excellent and if you enjoy the general theme of the show then it's likely you will find these novels entertaining.
—Hayley Lamb

A new mystery excellently solved!Oh, do I ever adore Reichs’s novels. Her novels show proof that there are no limits to one’s imagination - especially when the author knows what she/he is talking about.Reichs sucks you in with the first sentence and doesn’t let go until the very last word. The mystery and forensic descriptions keep you just as glued to the pages as the characters do. Again, Tempe lands herself in trouble when she does something someone asked her not to do. But she can’t let go of the possibility that the remains could be those of a friend that disappeared.Twists and turns and a surprising ending make the entire book worth every single one of its 406 pages. A new twist with her ex-husband Pete could have come at a better time, and a twist with Ryan has you feeling heartbroken for Tempe - I cried right along with her, felt her heartache deeply. But her sister comes to somewhat of a rescue, even if she, yet again, manages to freak Tempe out with yet another disappearing act. Absolutely perfect - except for something unresolved between her and Ryan. I refuse to get into more detail than that - I don’t like writing reviews with spoilers. Suffice it to say that her MMP of her next novel, Devil Bones, can’t come fast enough!If you’re a forensics/csi nut as much as I am, then this series is an absolute must read! I can’t get enough! LOL, but thanks to Reichs, I can fill in the time watching Bones!

I was quite excited to read this book and I was quickly drawn into the mystery and likability of the characters/backstory romance. I did find it a bit difficult to keep up with some of the jargon and the mix of French/Acadian phrasing throughout. I realize this probably adds authenticity and depth to the main protagonist and her background but it slowed my down at times. The main flaw I found with the story, other than jumping into the middle of a series and not knowing all the background history (which I wanted to understand better) was although the plot itself was interesting, I didn't really get drawn into the characters. I didn't get very emotionally invested. A fun read, but it didn't keep my coming back for more.
—Lara Ellis

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