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Verbotene Bisse (2011)

Verbotene Bisse (2011)

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3802583639 (ISBN13: 9783802583636)
Egmont LYX Verlag

About book Verbotene Bisse (2011)

After the last book I had trouble getting this series out of my head. Needed to review some books I’d requested for review so I had to push this one back a couple of book before I could start it. Now that I’ve finished it I’m not sure what to think. If I didn’t have the next two books lined up and checked out from the library already I might be tempted to set this one aside or say I’m done with it. I just don’t think I cared for the direction the series is taking. If it wasn’t for those last 50 pages or so it would have been a two star rating.I have decided I am not an Ethan fan. I was so rooting for Morgan and Merit didn’t even give him a chance. There one ‘date’ together had great chemistry play between them and suddenly everything went to crap…and I blame Ethan. I did like having the opportunity to get to know some of Merit’s house mates, and like another review said the house is essentially a dorm for vampires…I did witness some growth in Merit’s character, and I realize she is going through a lot, but at this point I’m not liking her much more than Ethan. She need to embrace who she is soon or I am going to call it quits on this series. That will teach me for requesting too many books in a series at a time…now I got to read them, even though I am not thrilled with how things are going down.I hope things pick up in the next book, it looks like we are going to get to explore another aspect of the supernatural world Merit lives in, the shifters. I hope she comes to her senses and gets over this sexual attraction with Ethan, perhaps she just needs to jump him once and get it out of her system. I also hope we get to know more about the other characters in her life, and the elusive second of the Cadogan house, new information about him caught my interest in this book.Over all I was disappointed by this book, and if it wasn’t for the secondary characters, setting and that I already have the next two books on hand I probably wouldn’t be continuing. Off the bat i have to say that i'm not loving the pace of the timeline. It seems off. I became royally confused with the break in the friendship. At this point I'm not loving Ethan and I am thinking Morgan might not be so bad. I liked the realness of one or interactions they had. That said. I don't like where the author took them.The plot was so so. I'm still willing to see where we are going with this. I'm not exactly understanding why as Apex predators vampires truly want to dabble in human politics. I keep thinking why do they need to lick ass? Why must they justify their existence when they've been there longer than the human residents? It's simple.As a courtesy we have revealed our existence... deal with it. Shifters can stir things up nicely. I was all for a shifter romance but i keep seeing the words, animosity, prejudice and that's the crux of the whole damn thing. You are all sups so who cares if there is interspecies mingling? Who cares that you like pork and i'm vegan? (blood4you) I'd love to see where the author is taking this.Noone is disputing whether or not you can have a strong physical connection to someone but I'ma believer in moving on. Makes no sense mooning about what could be with one guy when there are other avenues. Also i'm fedup of heroines with some sort of opgolden cookie. Why must every man want to sex you? are you really that good?

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Mmmkay. So first off, that ending led straight into the next book. Not sure how I feel about that. It's a good thing the next book is readily available or I'd have had a very irritated WTF moment.Secondly, I don't know what we're calling a plot these days, but I'm not very impressed with Celina and her grand master plan. Somehow all these politics and mysteries and intrigue seem like badly fleshed-out subplot, with the main focus being on Merit adjusting to being vampire/Sentinel and fighting not-so-secret feelings for Ethan. Morgan is barely a character. I don't see his purpose, except to get in the way. Hell, Celina is barely a character. I know more about Catcher's and Mallory's love life than the bad guy. Everything just seems forced and boring. I want to like it, though, so I'll keep reading. May as well find out who wants to meet her at the fountain at midnight while I still am mildly interested.

Lovely world building, but a little slower pace, darker. Romance is exceedingly slow, to the point where I'm questioning the author's ability to write good romance. Regardless, the plot not great, lots of plot holes and immature ploys that boiled down to a nefarious, infantile "rule the world" villain. That said, I really like the heroine and I feel emotionally invested in this world, so I'm willing to give the third book a shot.



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