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Venganza (2011)

Venganza (2011)

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About book Venganza (2011)

Gideon has turned his life around- he's not stealing anymore, he's got a legitimate job at Los Alamos and he loves fly fishing. Until his mother dies and gives him a mission- find the man who ruined his father's reputation and branded him a traitor. This launches Gideon into a world he didn't know existed- the EES, a high-tech engineering firm that not only builds things, but also studies why structures and vehicles have failed. They have a high-paying, high-risk job for him and some life-altering news. Gideon is the only one for the job. Preston and Child are a great thriller writing team. They keep the pace high and throw in some good plot twists. This will be a continuing series, from the looks of it. Gideon is a good character and I look forward to reading more about him. Food: Bugles, crunchy corn snacks with the perfect amount of salt and texture that you can mindlessly eat a whole bag of without thinking. Before you know it, you're hitting the bottom of the bag and you can lick your fingers satisfactorily. I love Pendergast, so was hesitant to start reading this new series. But I am glad I finally started it. Thinking about it now, my problem with Gideon (that he seems to be an expert in too many areas) is exactly what I love about Pendergast. Maybe I forgive it in Pendergast because I automatically cast him in with Holmes in my mind.This story seemed to be a little far reaching, but I guess they were trying to give a backstory and a story all in one book, to set up the future series.

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I liked this book quite a bit. I think I'd enjoy following the series.

Very slow start. Exciting middle, ok lead character. Audio.

Very good first novel. good thriller overall

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