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Vedi Di Non Morire (2009)

Vedi di non morire (2009)

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8806195581 (ISBN13: 9788806195588)

About book Vedi Di Non Morire (2009)

I read it quickly and it was really interesting, it was hard to put it down. But the end seemed rushed for some reason, it seems the author had a page count that he needed to adhere to and just quickly squeezed the Skinflick parts in the end and the ending itself. I would love to read some more about all of it if possible, in a bit more detail, it's be nice if the epilogue was maybe a bit longer, etc.All in all it's a good book. I'd probably give this a 2.5/5I had trouble feeling compelled to finish this book. I could see how it was supposed to make me laugh and bite my nails but instead, I never did more than smile a handful of times and on the rare occasion, I thought "oh, this could turn out interesting", but then never did find interest past that. The ending was also easily predicted, though the weapon used was deserving applause.That said, I did finish it, and I can see why people would like it, characters that are rough around the edges, mafia relations, murder, mystery, etc., but the mystery wasn't all that surprising when revealed, the murder expected, and the rough characters ultimately left me not caring what would happen to any them.Perhaps my sense of humor is different. Perhaps I have read or watched one too many crime/murder/mystery themed books or shows. Or perhaps I'm just more suited for different genres of entertainment altogether. Any which way, this is just one opinion on what appears to be a nationally bestselling book. Take it with a grain of salt.In any case, I would be willing to give the future sequel a glance over, to see if it was only a slow beginning to the series. From what I have read in the author interview, he appears to have plenty of ideas in store for Pietro Brwna.

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Terrifically fun novel about a mob hit man turned doctor.

My new favorite writer. This book was incredible.

Brilliant! Comedy mixed with twisted darkness.

loved it. Finished in a couple of houtd


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