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Vater Unser (2008)

Vater Unser (2008)

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I took me around 3 weeks to finish this book, because it took me really long to really get into the story. The first half of the book was rather boring, but then the second half turned out to be quite interesting. Hence, I give 3 stars. The only thing that really really annoyed me was the constant repetition of "Julia said softly", "she said softly", "she asked softly". Seriously, I think we already understood after the second mentioning that Julia was a soft person. No need to repeat it a million times. Apart from that I'd say it was an okay book, but not as good as the Cupido series. Julia Vacanti is a young lawyer in Miami. She is assigned to prosecute the respected Dr. David Marquette who has brutally murdered his wife and children - or has he? The defense submits a plea of insanity which touches too close to home for Julia. She has pushed aside the memories of a terrible tragedy in her childhood but they come back to haunt her.I was totally impressed with Jilliane Hoffman's writing. This is the first book that I have read of her work. It will definitely not be the last! The characters were well developed and I connected with Julia early in the story. The quick pace and tension kept me interested. I thought the topic of mental disorders was well presented. In fact, I believe I was educated through the story about this terrible problem and I will have more compassion the next time I read about a violent murderer who had a "past history of mental issues".

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A good legal thriller with some interesting insights about mental illness.

An enjoyable read, but easily forgettable

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